Feel Good Friday

Remember-to-be-happyI’m continuing this weekly update from The View From the Treehouse because it helps me focus throughout the week on the good things that happen, especially the little things that are often overlooked or quickly forgotten. Writing down and recalling the good things makes me happy. I hope it will encourage others to think of all the positive things that happened in their own weeks. You can share in the comments if you like!

Some of the good things that happened this week at Casa Aloha were:

  • WenYu finished her summer school class over a week early and with a good grade, and is enjoying some time off before another course begins next week.
  • We put $13.27 into the change/$1 bill savings.
  • All the leftovers (and there was a LOT of them) were finished. No food waste!
  • The hairstylist cut my hair exactly the way I wanted this time.
  • I had a short but good phone conversation with my mom.
  • The girls did their back-to-school shopping online, got some terrific deals and cute clothes, and their order arrived in just two days!
  • This week I went over 30,000 followers on Pinterest (and still remember how exciting it was to get my first)!
  • Brett completed a full-day hike up to the Makaleha Falls. He had tried before and wasn’t able to make it all the way.

All in all nothing too remarkable, but they made for a very nice week. What good things happened for you this past week?

6 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday

    1. Search for LauraH! I have lots boards about Japan, but other things as well that interest me. Pinterest is where I collect “stuff” these days! WordPress.com unfortunately won’t let me put up a link to my Pinterest page.


  1. The rain finished this morning and high school graduation was held tonight on the town green. I am now the proud mom of a HS graduate – phew!
    My parents safely drove 1,300 miles to be at graduation.
    Parking is tight downtown so we had a late lunch at a lovely restaurant, spent some time in an art gallery, and then headed over to the library to read/knit/close eyes while we waited until it was time to get seats on the green.
    I found out this week that the routine colonoscopy I’m having next week is 100% covered by my insurance!


    1. So happy that the weather cleared and you were able to enjoy the graduation outside. Congratulations! I imagine that you had quite the celebration with your parents there, both before and after.

      And woo hoo! about the insurance covering the colonoscopy. 100% coverage is alway appreciated.


    1. Pinterest is a social media site where you share and collect images of things that interest you. You set up boards, and then “pin” the pictures to your boards. If others have a similar interest, you can follow them and they can follow you, meaning you get a notice when they pin something new and vice versa. You can follow all of someone’s boards or just choose the ones you like. You can also search through everyone’s boards, or for a particular image, etc. If you can think of it, there’s probably an image or board about it. It can be very addicting, and for me, it’s a great way to deal with stuff rather than actually owning or collecting it. Most of my boards are about Japan (culture, sites, motifs, etc.) but I have lots of other boards about other stuff I like.


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