Feel Good Friday

There is lots to feel happy about this Friday! 1669954_10204747561755217_2533113883422627430_o

  • I had a terrific, fun lunch on Wednesday with two other mainland “ex-pats” that I met through blogging! Joy and Michelle live up on the north shore, so we met at the gorgeous St. Regis resort in Princeville for lunch and a long visit. Can’t wait to see these women again!
  • My Penzey’s spice order arrived on Wednesday, less than a week after I placed it. The shipping for the order was $11, but included in the order for free was a bag of their taco seasoning ($8.69 value), and when I opened the box there was a small jar of their Greek seasoning ($3.89 value), effectively zeroing out the shipping fee! If you have never purchased from Penzey’s I encourage you to check them out – their spices are top quality and reasonably priced.
  • Brett got his first blog post up – yeah!
  • We have our plane tickets for next spring’s mystery vacation!! Hawaiian airlines had the flights I wanted at the price I wanted so I went ahead and purchased them. Expedia also gave me another discount on one of our hotel stays, saving us an additional $90. The ticket purchase hits the trifecta for me though as far as extras: we’ll get Hawaiian airline miles, reward $$ from our credit card, and Swagbucks from booking the tickets through Expedia.
  • Sluggy over at Don’t Read This; It’s Boring has another awesome giveaway. As someone whose toes are exposed every day in my slippahs (flip flops), and who has two teenage daughters, when I see nail polish in a giveaway, I’m in! You can enter once a day until the deadline, and there are ways to earn bonus entries as well.
  • We put $9.57 into the change jar this week. June has been very good to that jar.
  • I earned another $100 gift certificate from Swagbucks.

What things happened for you this week that make you feel good or happy?

11 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday

  1. kris vaughan says:

    It was good to hear from Brett! I love Penzey’s Spices and we are getting a store here in Albuquerque this summer.


    • Laura says:

      It was a bit of an effort for him (the formatting, not the writing) but it was a great post. There will be more!

      We had a Penzey’s near our house in Portland, about a 10 minute drive away. It was pure heaven going into that store. I stocked up and moved a bunch of their stuff over with us, and am so glad I can still get their products via mail.

      When are you and C coming to visit?


  2. Libby says:

    Lunch looks fun and congrats on the trifecta plane purchase!

    Colonoscopy done and everything A-Okay!
    On vacation right now in Vermont – my son is spending the day with a fly fishing guide and I’m lazing about – heavenly!
    A friend is house sitting so I thoroughly cleaned my room – and boy did it need it. Will be so nice to come home to this.
    Delicious dinner last night of asparagus risotto and Arctic char with preserved lemon.


    • Laura says:

      Ooh – Vermont! We may be there next year as WenYu’s first choice college is in Vermont. I think it would be a lovely place to vacation.

      And I’m suddenly hungry after reading what you had for dinner. LOVE asparagus risotto!! (and the fish sounds delicious as well).


      • Libby says:

        I’m guessing Middlebury….my great grandfather built a summer cottage outside of Middlebury in 1928 and it’s still in the family. Great school but long winters for a “Hawaiian” girl!


      • Laura says:

        She considered Middlebury but is sold on Bennington – they have a terrific writing program.

        Congrats too that your colonoscopy results were OK!!


  3. Vivian says:

    We finally got some rain. The rain helps cool things off. Mostly staying indoors because temperatures have been ranging from 97 to 103 degrees.
    Really enjoyed Brett’s blog, as always great pictures.
    Speaking of pictures, it was great to see you with Joy and Michelle.
    Basically I’m just happy it is Friday.


    • Laura says:

      That is HOT. I am so glad we don’t have to deal with such high temperatures any more, although we are still adjusting to having to deal with humidity. Hope you can find ways to stay cool.

      The three of us had such a good time the other day. We keep up on Facebook, but are planning to do regular monthly get-togethers with spouses starting next month.


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