Stormy Day

Kaua’i is still beautiful even when the weather is less than perfect.

We caught quite a bit of rain and wind in our part of the island last weekend from a passing tropical storm that was breaking up, but on Saturday WenYu and YaYu were able to go for a run on the eastside bicycle path during a break between downpours. YaYu took her camera along and took these pictures of the stormy day as they headed back to the car.11227587_1599574730306125_1322247909598744055_o 11539038_1599574763639455_4354701194074009150_o 11539091_1599574656972799_1821099819412361323_o 11713944_1599574810306117_2082714226503905874_o 11710002_1599574680306130_8434361981590897928_o11722503_1599574766972788_1551720673670074056_o11699079_1599574806972784_8237202751691877244_o

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