Feel Good Friday

The humidity here this past week has been, to put it mildly, miserable, definitely not what I needed on top of not feeling well for a few days. But, looking back at the week, I can see it’s been a pretty nice after all, with several things to feel good about:

Small, "personal-size" pineapples. The smaller one is softball size.
Small, “personal-size” pineapples. The smaller one is softball size.
  • Pineapples continue to be cheap and plentiful at the farmer’s market. It seems there are more available every week. Every one we’ve bought has been exceptionally sweet and juicy (and low-acid too). Have I told you about how much I love fresh pineapple?
  • WenYu got her AP scores back this week, earning only a 2 on her writing exam, but a 5, the highest score possible, on her calculus exam! She was sick on the day of the writing exam, and doesn’t write well when she’s being timed, so while the low score was disappointing, it was understandable.
  • Meiling’s Kickstarter project finally went live this past week and was fully funded in less than 48 hours! Backers and money are still rolling in too. She did all the art work for the project and will get a substantial percentage of the final amount earned.
  • $3.82 went into the change jar.
  • We didn’t buy anything on Amazon Prime day. We weren’t even tempted.
  • Brett and I have settled on our top three fall travel destinations! More research is needed, but we know where we want to go – just not in which order yet. (We’ll let you know when things are firmed up a bit more).
  • We were thankfully able to get one more round of juicy and sweet fresh peaches and nectarines from Costco, although this looks to be it. We have really enjoyed being able to buy them so affordably for the short time they’re available here. I’ve had fresh peach slices on my bowl of cereal every morning – divine!

What went right for you this week? What happened for you that made your week a good one?


6 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday

  1. Fresh peach slices on Grape Nuts three times this week! I hardly eat cereal any more, but that is one of my favorites.


  2. Peaches with milk and sugar or splenda in my case.

    Mama picked her first Mango. She loved it and I discovered I do not like Mangoes.

    The avocados are nearly big enough to eat.

    I tried to buy my mother a kindle on Amazon prime day but wasn’t fast enough and wound up on a waiting list. Oh well, easy come, easy go,


    1. I can’t remember if I told you but we got ONE mango off our tree this year – yeah! I don’t particularly care for them either, but cut it up and used it in a smoothie.

      A Kindle would have been a good thing to buy on Prime Day, but Brett doesn’t want one (yet). I am going to get him one before we travel, but there’s no hurry now.

      The peaches will be missed.


  3. Peaches won’t be in season here until August. The past two years I’ve frozen peach slices and eaten them on top of oatmeal all winter – yum!
    We didn’t turn on the A/C at all this week……one night it even went down to 55! Heavenly sleeping weather.
    One of my close friends from HS drove an hour and we had dinner Saturday night at a lobster shack on the water.
    My son moved his “stuff” to his father’s house in preparation for technical school starting next week.


    1. I would have given anything for some A/C last week, it was so miserable. But since Saturday it has been lovely – perfect summer weather with cool nights for sleeping.

      We’re used to getting peaches in August as well, but Costco gets there here in August. They’re from California, but are big, ripe and delicious. I am very sad to see them go, but they’ll be back next year. I thought about making jam this year, but none of us really eats jam all that much any more. So, we’ve just enjoyed them fresh.


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