Feel Good Friday

Here we go again . . .
Here we go again . . .

This has been a terrific week, with lots of good things happening both big and small:

  • We’ve enjoyed lovely weather for the most part this week with less humidity. There was one day of storms, but we were never directly affected.
  • We got our big monthly food shopping done and stayed within our budget.
  • I earned another $100 gift card from Swagbucks.
  • We put $8.40 into the change/$1 bill jar.
  • I enjoyed a good phone conversation with my mom.
  • YaYu got her learner’s permit!
  • WenYu finished her first college class (Art 101) with an A grade.
  • Brett and I started a new 1000-piece puzzle. So far it seems it will be a bit less challenging than the last one.
  • Meiling’s Kickstarter project is still going strong and has brought in over 200% of its goal. She also registered for her fall classes at college, and got the ones she wanted.
  • Pineapples were still affordably priced at the farmers’ market, and this week we also got a locally-grown watermelon.

What good things happened for you this week?

4 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday

  1. I surpassed my weekly biking goal this week and the humidity has been low all week!!
    I not so great news I get to pay College Boy’s Fall tuition today……well, good new is I have the cash to do so. lolz


    1. Less humidity is always a good thing. Heat I can tolerate, humidity not so much. It’s been the most difficult thing for me to deal with since we moved here, even worse than the high prices ;-).

      Your bike riding and goals inspired me to get an exercise bike for the family a few months ago (I used Swagbucks, and Amazon shipped it for free!). The girls use it for training, and when it’s not too humid I get on and ride. If we had A/C I’d be on it every day.

      We thankfully don’t have to deal with tuition or other college costs this year other than a plane ticket for our oldest daughter to come home for the holidays. What we will be spending on this fall are application fees – our middle daughter is applying to seven colleges and they each want $$.


  2. Bad news/good news. It rained all day and we got 3 1/2 ” of rain. Miserable day and lots of flooding but we needed the water. It raised Peace River and all the lakes levels which is a very good thing. It also cooled things off.

    Mama’s starfruit (carambola) tree is full of fruit and the avocadoes are almost to an eating size.


    1. That is a LOT of rain! Yikes. Hooray though for cooling things off.

      We’re starting to see starfruit in the market here. WenYu and YaYu are not all that crazy about it, but Meiling loves it – it’s too bad she’s not here to enjoy it. A small one back on the mainland cost over $1; here we can get three big, juicy ones for that dollar.


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