And Along Comes Guillermo


Although (thank goodness) Guillermo is now a tropical storm and continues to weaken, it will still be passing near enough to Hawai’i for us to feel some of its effects, mainly rough surf and rip tides, but also wind and rain. The Big Island and Maui are both already under a tropical storm watch, and we here on Kaua’i may be as well by Thursday. It’s been very hard to tell though that a storm is approaching – the weather the past two days has been positively lovely, with humidity levels more than bearable.

While the above picture (taken sometime Tuesday morning), makes it looks like the whole of Hawai’i will be swallowed up by Guillermo, in reality the storm is predicted to track (for now) to the north of us. The islands all look so small and vulnerable though. This picture, more than anything, makes me realize again how tiny Hawai’i is in relation to the vastness of the Pacific Ocean, and how far away we are from anyplace else.

We always stay ready to ride out storms here at Casa Aloha with plenty of extra water and food on hand. We have two butane stoves and our grill for cooking in case we lose power (although the thought of possibly losing almost everything in our freezers scares me more than anything). We have plenty of books to read, games to play, and other activities to keep us busy as well if things ever go worse than expected.

Guillermo should pass on by however causing little to no problems – fingers crossed!


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