Feel Good Friday

Almost ready for this book (and some flash cards)!

Guillermo turned out to be pretty much a no-show after all. We had a bit of breeze and some scattered rain yesterday morning, but nothing out of the ordinary. The humidity that usually tags along with these storms wasn’t even really an issue either, thank goodness.

Lots of other good little things happened this week too:

  • Everyone pitched in, and all sorts of leftovers and odds and ends got eaten this week, so the refrigerator is looking a little less crowded.
  • My retirement paperwork was finished and sent off on Monday. Thanks to the advice of an advisor, my new retirement date will now be September 1, with benefits (hopefully) arriving by the end of October.
  • I bought some bright 4 x 6 cards, some colorful envelopes, some stickers and international postage stamps so I can send my grandson a letter every other week. The first went off this week.
  • Meiling’s Kickstarter project has raised 300% of its target!
  • I now have over 31,000 followers on Pinterest.
  • I finished Level I of Rosetta Stone Japanese yesterday. It was a good review, and I learned a few new things too. On to Level II!
  • Our Japanese For Busy People and other texts are (finally) due to arrive either today or tomorrow.
  • We put $6.07 in the change/$1 bill jar.
  • WenYu and YaYu were able to change their schedules at school for the classes they wanted. YaYu is taking Japanese again, and WenYu will be able to take AP Art.

How is your Feel Good Friday going? What good things happened for you this past week?


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  1. I plan to write about it in a few days, after it closes. Unfortunately, it has her name attached to it, which I don’t want to link to on the blog. We are so proud though – this morning it was up to 309% so people are still supporting the project and her work.


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