Sunday Afternoon 8/16/2015

Vintage Laura, c.1974. There’s probably an Allman Brothers tape in the car.

I’m still playing the waiting game here, but hopefully will learn something tomorrow or Tuesday about the bump on my nose. I can remember a time in the past where my stomach would have been turning itself in knots over something like this, but these days I’m all about having a “whatever will be, will be” attitude. Worrying myself silly over it isn’t going to change anything.

WenYu got started on her college and scholarship applications this weekend. Let me just say again (because we went through this last year with Meiling) that I am so glad not to be applying to college these days. The pressure is incredible, both real and contrived. Senior year is bad enough as it is, but the college application process, even for a state school, takes things to a whole new level. WenYu is an amazingly calm and serene young woman, but we’ve already watched her a couple of time have to step back and center herself because of what’s already been put on her plate.

Anyway, this afternoon I am:

  • Reading: I finally started Snow Country this past week, and am enjoying being drawn into its melancholy, very Japanese mood.
  • Listening to: I have the house to myself this afternoon – it’s very quiet (well, except for the screaming roosters outside). The girls are volunteering for the day at the county fair, and Brett is running errands for a while.
  • Watching: Brett and I will probably finish up the Inspector Morse series this week, and we’re into the third season of Midsomer Murders, but I’m honestly starting to feel like we need a break from British mysteries. The girls are into cooking shows these days, so I’ve also watched some episodes of Chopped and Iron Chef America with them.
  • Cooking/baking: We had some sour milk to use up, so Brett made pumpkin pancakes for breakfast this morning. I’m going to make enchiladas tonight to use up some tortillas, chicken, sour cream, cilantro and cheese that have been hanging out in the refrigerator.
  • Happy I accomplished this week: I don’t think I accomplished anything special this week, just the regular everyday stuff (there’s that word!) that needed to get done.
  • Looking forward to next week: Getting back to the beach!
  • Grateful for: I have everything I want and everything I need, and I am so thankful I can finally grasp it. Do I still have dreams and desires? Of course. It’s taken me a long, long time to get to this place, but I am increasingly grateful every day for all that I have, and all that I have been given, and for the potential and possibilities that still await me.
  • Bonus question: Can you list your five favorite songs? I was asked this question the other day, and it didn’t take me too long to come up with my list. I’m going to show my age because they are all older songs, but here goes: (1) Change It by Stevie Ray Vaughn; (2) Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits; (3) Spirit In the Sky by Norman Greenbaum; (4) Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix; and (5)  One Way Out by The Allman Brothers Band. Can you tell I like rock ‘n’ roll and screamin’ guitars? I have always and still enjoy listening to all types of music (and having teenagers in the house keeps me somewhat current), but the five songs above have stayed favorites for forever.

So, how was your week? How is your Sunday afternoon going?


10 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon 8/16/2015

  1. They don’t give a damn about any trumpet playing band
    It ain’t what they call rock and roll
    And the Sultans, yeah, the Sultans, they play Creole, Creole

    Love me some Mark Knopfler!

    If you want to watch some more cooking shows check out Cutthroat Kitchen.

    It’s amazingly quiet here since taking CB back to college……I can get use to it!


    1. Sultans of Swing is a very close second, and could almost tie for first – I loves me some Mark Knopfler too. But, I loves me some SRV just a little bit more.

      The girls love Cutthroat Kitchen – it’s OK, but I prefer Chopped. Alton Brown is starting to wear on me a little, too.

      I had forgotten how nice it was to have the whole place to myself. The girls are quiet, but it’s a better quiet when I’ve got the place all to myself.


  2. Love the photo and the outfit! Can’t make out the bumper sticker on the bug…? “You think he’s ??”


    1. “Honk if you think he’s guilty” – the Nixon impeachment hearings!!

      My boyfriend at the time had to buy me the jacket when Billie Jean King smoked Bobby Riggs in their “Battle of the Sexes” tennis match in 1973. BF was so sure Riggs would win, too. I wore that expensive ($74, a LOT of money then) suede jacket for years!


  3. Does the bumper sticker say, “…you think he’s guilty?”

    I know what you mean about college these days. I feel sorry for kids. Seems like way too much pressure. My nephew is starting his junior year of HS soon and is just starting the process.

    I mentioned in another post that I went through something similar with a skin issue recently. The waiting really is the hardest part, just like the song says. I just tell myself that the chances of these things turning into anything bad are actually quite slim and your doc even said it didn’t look like anything to be concerned about, so try to keep that in mind.


    1. “Honk if you think he’s guilty,” and I definitely thought Nixon was.

      I’m hoping I hear something tomorrow. You’re right, my doctor didn’t it was anything too serious, and it was very small, so I’m hoping for some good or better news. Fingers crossed!


  4. I’m not excited for the increasing pressure as the kids get older. It’s bad enough as is. One of my concerns about living here is the “rat race” element – it applies to both parents (cost of housing, general working hours, traffic, etc) & to pressure on the kids.

    The boys did a kids triathlon today & had a great time! It’s been too hot to do much of anything around here!


    1. One thing I love about living here is that it seems to be far less competitive here than it was back in Portland. Back there all the parents seemed to be comparing what you were doing versus what their child was doing, what schools they were applying for, etc. I don’t miss it. WenYu seems to be competing more against herself these days. She has picked some good schools to apply to and feels she needs a top-notch resume to get accepted. Ugh.


    1. My daughters had a lot of fun the other evening looking at my “hippie” pictures (although I don’t think I look all that hippie in this particular picture). They said I still look the same except for my hair, which was a nice complement!

      When I hear the opening riff to Sultans of Swing I am in heaven!


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