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A few things that aren’t big enough for a whole post:

  • Back to the beach: We’re going to take advantage of the (hopefully) good weather today and meet up with a friend at the beach for a visit and some sun. We’ve had two days of monsoon-like rains up here in the hills, but are supposed to have a couple of days of nice weather before some more of the bad stuff rolls in next week. Bring on the sunscreen!

    We are surrounded by bad weather!
  • Good news: It’s not skin cancer!! I got the call from the doctor’s office yesterday afternoon that the bump on my nose was actinic keratosis, and not squamous cell carcinoma as she had feared. There have been BIG sighs of relief around here as well as several renditions of the happy dance. I need to monitor the spot on my nose for the next few months to make sure it doesn’t reappear, and continue on with my everyday sunscreen routine, but otherwise it’s all good!
  • Small economies/big expenses: We bought Meiling’s airline ticket for her homecoming visit at Christmas yesterday. It’s the absolute most expensive time for travel to and from Hawai’i, and the fares did not disappoint (and are only expected to climb from now until Christmas). On Monday I found a decent fare on one airlines but had to OK the dates with Meiling before purchase – she got back to me late Monday night. So, I got up early yesterday morning to buy the tickets and discovered that the price had climbed by more than $100. Yikes! After a brief bout of hyperventilating, I calmed down and was able to find a fare on another airline lower than what we had expected to pay on Monday, with an as-good or better travel schedule, so it all worked out. There is a very good reason why we are currently trying to accumulate as many Hawaiian Airlines miles as possible – next year we will have two girls to get to school and back and we’d like to do it for free!
  • Not-so-good neighbors: For the most part we get along with our downstairs neighbors, but we’ve suspected for a while that they’d been “borrowing” things from the garage we share with them, helping themselves to things like our fabric softener sheets and paper towel supply. We wouldn’t mind and would be more than happy to share if they asked or if they replaced what they “borrowed,” but they never did, so now we’ve had to hide some things or bring other things up into the house. Nothing has gone missing from the freezer, but Brett says if that ever happens he will directly confront them as well as inform the landlord. Can I just say I hate stuff like this!

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  1. Happy to hear your medical news. You were smart to get it checked out early! Sometimes I think about downsizing from my house but then I wonder how I will ever deal with sharing a building with anyone else!


    1. We discovered that downsizing is a process, and it’s one we’re still going through. I had no idea when we started that we would arrive at where we are now, and that I still don’t feel like we’re done. Goals and outcomes changed as we went through the process, and will change again as our lives continue to change and evolve. So, right now I completely understand that you can’t imagine downsizing from your house, but later you might find you want to and start working towards that.

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  2. Look up anything you don’t want another person to take. Can you put a cabinet you can lock in the garage for those things? It could also be someone from outside the home. Theft is far too common in Hawaii.


    1. We talked about getting a locking cabinet, but really don’t want to buy anything else. I briefly thought it might be someone from outside but a) we’re pretty aware of people coming up to the house; and b) they would take the whole thing (i.e. box of fabric softener sheets) rather than just taking a few at a time, or just a roll of paper towels.


  3. Glad to hear the good news. Sorry to hear about the problem with your neighbors. As previously suggested a locked cabinet would both protect your belongings and send a message without direct confrontation.


    1. We’re thinking that having everything move upstairs and out of the garage has sent a pretty strong message that we are on to them. We’re still keeping a sharp eye on the freezer.


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