Feel Good Friday

Kealia Beach this past Wednesday: So many beautiful shades of blue!

Lots to feel good about this Friday:

  • #1 was getting the news that the bump on my nose was not cancer.
  • The girls have today off from school, and no meetings or other obligations this weekend.
  • I had a wonderful time at the beach on Wednesday. The weather was perfect, and I loved getting to spend time with my friend Joy.
  • I got a great haircut yesterday. My last stylist went totally flaky on me week before last and I walked out. It was scary to try out a new salon and new stylist, but she did a terrific job with my short, curly hair.
  • We put $4.75 in the change/$1 bill jar.
  • We had no food waste this week.
  • Brett got in three good hikes in spite of some icky weather on a couple of days.
  • Meiling got her dorm room and roommate (who is from Portland) assignment. She’s happy and so are we!

How was your week? What went right for you this week?

7 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday

    1. Congratulations! I know my friends who have had the surgery swear by it, but I’m not (and never have been) a good candidate for it. Still, although I love my red glass frames and think I would now wear them anyway, I would LOVE it if I did not actually need corrective lenses any more.


  1. I got good news at the dermatologist today…the last lesion that was biopsied came back clear so no further treatment is necessary. That was a relief. Congrats on your good dermatology news as well! Looking forward to spending some time at the pool and beach before fall comes.


    1. Congratulations to you too! I loved hearing that “no further treatment is needed.” I’m still going to be super careful though and keep an eye out of bad things appearing. Getting back to the beach was wonderful!


      1. Same here. I’ll be wearing sunscreen daily from now on, which is something I never did before. I used to only wear it if I went to the beach or knew I’d be outside for many hours.


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