Feel Good Friday


In spite of the humidity, in spite of the news that our house is going to be sold, and in spite of feeling sort of generally blah right now, there still were things that went right this week:

  • I learned that my Social Security payments will be just $13 less than I was estimating. I was pleasantly surprised that I got it so close.
  • We arranged a meeting with a real estate agent next Monday.
  • We found out we can afford more condo than we thought, even with added HOA fees (doesn’t mean we’ll spend that much though).
  • $7.09 went into the change/$1 bill jar.
  • We got our monthly Costco shopping done, and were $150 under budget.
  • Brett was given a lovely set of tools by the Division of Forestry & Wildlife to use for trail maintenance.
  • We saved $30 by not going to the farmers’ market this week (it was raining, and we still have plenty of fruit and vegetables on hand).
  • We got almost a gallon of coconut water from the coconuts harvested from our trees.

How is your Friday going? What good things happened for you this week?


2 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday

  1. This has been an extremely long week for me but when I reflect on it, there are things that went right:
    1. We received a new (to us) couch and overstuffed chair from my in-laws
    2. We had one tree cut down and the other trimmed back so they would not hit the roof. I loved the extra shade they provided but I would not love having to pay for a new roof.
    3. I went out with friends last night which usually doesn’t happen during the work week.
    4. Bought a donut from my favorite local donut shop.


    1. Donuts!! They make any day or week great. The only place donuts are available here are in the supermarket bakeries, but we can get malasadas (Portuguese-style donuts) from time to time. They’re delicious, but very greasy.

      Lots of other good things though going on though. We did the whole tree removal/trimming thing when we lived in Portland. Like you, we missed the shade but were happy to mitigate future damage (which was due to happen).


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