Feel Good Friday


Dragonfruit! Aren’t they beautiful?

Another hot, humid but good week at Casa Aloha:

  • We met our real estate agent and really liked her. We will begin looking at condos tomorrow!
  • Another unit is coming up for sale in the same complex as The Prince and The Pauper. It’s not officially listed yet, but our agent has arranged for us to tour it tomorrow since we’ll already be there to tour the other two.
  • Those hurricanes that were threatening last week changed direction and missed the islands – yeah! We did get some heavy-ish rain, and the surf was quite high on the east side, but better than a direct hit by a hurricane!
  • The landlord did extensive yard work and tree trimming this week in preparation for listing the house and everything looks so nice. I know it’s temporary, but I’m going to enjoy it as long as I can.

    Ready to peel and enjoy.
    Ready to peel and enjoy.
  • We bought two beautiful pink dragonfruit this week at the farmers’ market. We’d never had one before and wanted to give it a try – they are delicious! Dragonfruit is wonderfully juicy and lightly sweet. It’s also easier to peel than an orange, although you wouldn’t guess that from looking at it.
  • The vendor of the organic stand at the farmers’ market, who I hadn’t seen in several weeks, greeted me by name this week. I felt like a local, at least for a moment.
  • We put $7.74 into the change/$1 bill jar this week. Our change/$1 bill savings for August totaled $19.82.
  • Our weekend cocktails tonight will be mai tais, made with locally-produced rum!

How has your week been? What good things happened for you?

9 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday

  1. I am really excited to hear about your condo search. We love Kauai and it’s my husband’s dream to retire there. I don’t know if I could do island life full time. I would rather just do a few months at a time. But we aren’t really close to retirement yet.

    Something good that happened recently. I’m excited because I love Norah Jones and I just found out she’s touring this year and fairly close to where we live, so I bought early bird tickets and we got close seats.

    We go to Kauai in February (my 3rd time I think my husbands 10th?). Something to look forward to, and escape during the winter (we live in a cold winter state).


    1. Congrats on scoring those Norah Jones tickets!!

      Let me know when you’re coming to Kaua’i – I ‘d love to get together!


      1. Sorry I didn’t see your reply. We’ll be in Kaua’i sometime around 2-8-16 – 2-12-16, it would be great to say hello! We are staying in Princeville area, but do manage to get around the island for hikes, restaurants, beaches.


  2. Hi Laura!
    I so enjoy reading your posts! We just decided this week that we will be traveling to Hawaii in July to check out the area, housing, amenities, etc. So now I have something to look forward to! We live in a suburb of Los Angeles and I am so tired of the noise, traffic, crime, etc. Every time I think of our trip and future move, I get really excited!


    1. Are you coming to Kaua’i? If so, I’d love to get together when you’re here!

      I grew up in an LA suburb (San Marino), so definitely know what you’re talking about when it comes to noise, traffic, crime, etc. And it’s w-a-y worse now than it ever was when I lived there (it was bad then, but not ridiculously bad).


  3. Well, M is leaving (right now!) for Dubai to visit his family. So, it will be hard for us here, but great for him to see his relatives for the first time in 10 years. His dad is also getting too ill to travel, so super important for him to visit.

    Also, I handed off a draft of an enormous work project today. Like, so big! Feel great about it.

    And, it’s a 3 day weekend, which I *desperately* need!

    Beautiful dragonfruit picture. 🙂


    1. Hope all goes well while your husband is away. I’m an old pro at it (received expert training when Brett was in the navy), but haven’t done it for a while. Brett heads to Oregon later this month to get our oldest settled in college, and then will road-trip with his sister down to LA, so I’ll be on my own here with the other two girls. The only thing I’m dreading is having to get up early to get them off to school.

      We are all so glad for the 3-day weekend, although the girls have their first XC meet on Saturday morning.

      Congrats on the big handoff too. I can tell just from you writing about it how relieved you are.

      The dragonfruit was way better than we imagined. We will be buying lots next week!


    1. We have the opposite problem here now with non-tropical fruits. Things like peaches, plums, apples, etc. are expensive and often not very good. Oh well. Some of the tropical stuff we’ve tried we don’t care for, but most of it is pretty good. We also bought a cherimoya this week – delicious!!


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