It’s Too Hot To Write

Air-conditioning-keeping-cool-iceI usually try to post on Wednesday, but I’ve been feeling out of sorts recently because of the heat and humidity. All attempts at writing have led to nowhere, even though I actually have a topic that is about travel and not about real estate! So, I am taking the day off and am going to try to stay cool. Brett will have a post up on Thursday, and I’ll be back on Friday.

One quick note and a happy ending: Meiling heads down to Los Angeles today to spend a couple of weeks with Brett’s sister and brother-in-law. All of Meiling’s friends have left Portland to return to school, and since she broke up with her boyfriend this past weekend she has been on her own with nothing to do but mope and feel bad. Brett’s sister and B-I-L will comfort and spoil her while she’s with them, then L and Meiling will drive back up to Oregon to meet Brett, get the rest of Meiling’s things packed and take her down to get settled in her dorm. Both Brett and I are feeling much relieved, with the cost of the plane ticket well worth it.

One thought on “It’s Too Hot To Write

  1. Sorry to hear that the heat and humidity are getting to you. We finally have a break in the heat. It just started pouring outside.
    It is good that you can be there for your daughter. I was a wreck when I went through my first college break-up and it was great to have support from my family. I grew a lot from the experience and I think it made me a stronger person.


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