Feel Good Friday

I will miss the view from our bedroom window when we move.

It’s Friday!

Good things happened again this week at Casa Aloha:

  • It finally rained yesterday, enough to actually cool things down.
  • We put $10.83 in the change/$1 bill jar.
  • We bought a new but unknown fruit at the farmers’ market. We don’t know what it’s called (neither did the vendor, but she’s never steered us wrong), but whatever it is, it’s delicious. Dragonfruit and mangoes were cheap and plentiful again this week.
  • Our son and family let us know they are coming for a nearly two-week visit at Christmas. Plane tickets have been purchased, and hotel reservations have been made. I’m already so excited I could burst!
  • Meiling made it safely down to Los Angeles, and is already having a great time with her aunt and uncle there.

How is your Friday going? What good things happened for you?

  • Oh, one more thing . . . we looked at a house yesterday, and are submitting an offer today! Fingers crossed!

11 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday

    1. We feel very lucky that we can even look at houses here. We are at the bottom end price-wise, but there are nice houses available, although not very many.


    1. Thanks! Negotiating price is a new experience for us. Both of our previous houses were priced well below our limit so we didn’t feel the need to do much bargaining or negotiating. On our first house, we were going to offer a bit lower from the asking price, but as we were writing up the offer they lowered the price anyway to what we were offering!


  1. I just caught up on all your goings on with housing – that was a curve ball! Sending positive energy about the house.

    A couple of suggestions for shows we have enjoyed via Netflix streaming: Leverage and Burn Notice (the early seasons).

    I was thinking about your son and his family when I saw the photos of flooding in Japan this week….devastating. Japan has really had some hardluck weather-wise these past few years.


    1. A house will really be much better for us financially than a condo, and we can afford to pay for yard service these days to help out with the upkeep as well as put money away for regular maintenance. Did not see this coming or think we would be buying here, but we can see that it makes more sense financially.

      The flooding is awful, and I just wish Japan didn’t have to go through another natural disaster. It doesn’t directly affect Tokyo (although they got a lot of rain), thank goodness.


      1. Another Netflix suggestion – Death in Paradise. BBC murder mystery but set on a Caribbean Island. Excellent writing with some sly humor.


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