Feel Good Friday

Blue skies over Kauai . . . finally!
Blue skies over Kauai . . . finally!

It does not appear that our offer on the Lesser Prince was accepted. Although the seller has until noon HST today to let us know, it’s been nearly 72 hours now without a peep from them. The condo is still listed as active though, so who knows?

Still, I have much to feel good about this Friday:

  • Brett comes home tomorrow afternoon. Cannot wait to see him again!
  • He sent us a lovely big box filled with goodies from the Asian supermarket in Portland and Trader Joe’s.
  • I have survived getting up early every morning this week. Tomorrow will be a super-early wake up for another cross country meet, but then Brett will be back on wake-up duty.
  • Except . . . the girls have all of next week off for Fall Break. Everybody sleeps in!
  • Lots of rain this week, but it’s been delightfully cool, almost like it was fall here or something (by delightfully cool I mean it’s been in the low 80s). Yesterday’s weather was perfect: blue skies, trade winds blowing all day, and just the right amount of warmth.
  • WenYu got her massive scholarship application turned in last Sunday. Her essays make me so proud and inspired every time I read them (and I read them every day). Also, by applying for this scholarship, application fees will be waived at most of the colleges where she is applying, a substantial savings.
  • I am caught up on all my cleaning chores and letter writing.
  • I did not throw away any food this week. It was a challenge trying to use/eat up everything with just three of us here, but the girls and I did it.
  • I put $7.50 into the change/$1 bill jar. Our total change/$1 saved in September was $31.42.
  • American Horror Story Season 4 is finally available on Netflix. WenYu and I will be binge watching next week.

Hope you all have had a terrific week, and have lots to feel good about this Friday!

6 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday

  1. Having recently gone through the selling and buying process, I would say that they are just waiting until the last second to see if they get a better offer. I bet they counter your offer at the end of the 72 hours…


    1. Apparently ours was the best offer. Their counter offer was somewhat insulting, considering they took the refrigerator out of the deal, but we stayed firm with our initial offer and they accepted!


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