Sunday Afternoon 10/4/2015

What WenYu is doing on break this week . . .
What WenYu is doing on break this week . . .

After ten days of feeling rather untethered around here, with Brett home I am once again feeling grounded and complete. The coffee was made when I got up this morning, the dishes were put away and other little things around the house had been taken care of. Both of us were miserable while the other was away, and yesterday we agreed that we don’t want to take separate vacations ever again.

We’re looking forward to having the girls at home this week for Fall Break. They still will have cross country practice, although the coach has arranged fun things for them to do, like beach runs and potlucks, hikes, and other activities. Or, they can just run on their own if they choose. WenYu also has to solidify her college choices this week, and is already feeling rather overwhelmed. She has a solid list of five colleges already (including the University of Hawaii), but the scholarship encourages her to have eight.

We are awaiting signature from the sellers, but according to our agent they accepted our offer for the Lesser Prince! We received a counter offer from them at the last minute on Friday that was $4000 over our offer. We thought that was pretty cheeky as the new contacted stated that there would be no refrigerator coming with the house – do these people not know what a new refrigerator costs these days? A new washer and dryer? So, we countered again with our original offer and they agreed. It took a while for us to get everything signed on our end as Brett was traveling most of yesterday, but eventually got it done and sent off. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that tomorrow we will be handing over our earnest money and arranging for an inspection!

Otherwise, this afternoon I am:

  • Reading: I’m still reading Atomic Sushi. I’m ashamed to say that I did not get one bit of reading done all last week. I was too tired at night and too preoccupied during the day.
  • Listening to: It’s very quiet around here today. The girls are reading, Brett is out getting our tires aired up, and the only sound is the breeze blowing though the palms. It’s probably going to rain soon – the skies are cloudy and overcast. One thing I love about living here though is that when it does rain you can hear it coming long before it arrives.
  • Watching: WenYu and I were plannint to start watching Season 4 of American Horror Story tonight, but it isn’t available until Tuesday. So, I guess Brett and I will watch some more Lewis and/or Midsomer Murders (I didn’t watch any while he was gone). I finished The Pacific day before yesterday. It was excellent, although not as good as Band of Brothers, in my opinion.
  • Cooking/baking: We’re eating leftovers today (kalua pork and macaroni salad from Brett’s homecoming dinner yesterday), and tonight we’re going to have a pizza. If it isn’t raining we’ll bake it out on the grill.
  • Happy I accomplished this past week: Once again, just getting the girls up and off to school on time was an accomplishment for me. I am so not a morning person – every morning was a struggle. I have no idea how I did it for all those years while Brett was working. I also got my Christmas shopping started with a few things ordered from Amazon for our son and grandson.
  • Looking forward to next week: Getting all sorts of house-buying stuff done. Even though some of it is a pain, getting it done or started means the process is moving along. And, I’m going to go out on a limb here and hope that maybe Brett and I can get to the beach. It’s been w-a-y too long . . . .
  • Grateful for: I can’t begin to say how thankful I am that we were able to find a decent, affordable place to buy without having to search and/or wait for months. Housing prices are so high here and there are very few properties available in our price range, and approved condo inventory is also very low – only eight complexes on Kaua’i are VA eligible. The condo we are buying is affordable, a good size for us and in good condition, and in a great location for us too (and has those beautiful high, open-beam ceilings). We are feeling very, very fortunate.
  • Bonus question: Are there types of books you don’t like? I don’t care for science fiction, fantasy or romance. Of course there are exceptions – I loved the whole Harry Potter series, for example – but as a whole I don’t care for or seek out those genres. When it comes to non-fiction, I don’t care for self-help books or books written about current events, or memoirs written by people who are “mid-career,” so to speak. I like to “let the dust settle” before I read about events or people (again, with some exceptions).

Hope you are enjoying a relaxing and wonderful Sunday afternoon and are looking forward to the week to come!

(Picture credit: Ben Wiseman, New York Times)

7 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon 10/4/2015

    1. I am so happy he is home. He had a great trip, but it was exhausting for both of us to be apart (for different reasons). No more separate travel!


  1. Happy Moments! 🙂 Really excited for you all and looking forward to hearing all about it here on your blog.

    As far as books, I am learning lately not to limit myself by “genres” or anything other than opening the book on my tablet reader and giving it a try. And here are some examples of why.

    1. I found the companion book to The Pacific was already on my tablet, so I thought I would give it a try and was instantly sucked into it for a good couple of hours before I realised this was actually bedtime and I should be trying to get to sleep.

    2. I had heard about The Martian but knew it was science fiction with an emphasis on science so I did not believe I would enjoy it, but I devoured that book in short order – it was brilliant and so was the movie.

    3. Some of my favourite books today are ones I would never have expected. I never read any Jane Austen growing up and now those are my “books I read for a short time when I know I have to get up the next morning” books, because I have read them so many times I probably do not even need the book, I can tell myself the stories in my head almost verbatim.

    4. I can usually tell a couple of chapters in if I am going to love this book and if I do not feel like I will love it, and I am not interested in the story, I am now more willing to give up on it and move onto something else. This is not something I would have been able to do a few years ago. Sometimes it is good to give up. 🙂

    5. Non fiction wise, I will try anything. Sometimes if I enjoy the writer in other settings I know even before I read a word that I am going to enjoy the book – eg Alan Alda or Rob Lowe, those were all great but I was not at all surprised by it. I *was* surprised to find I love books about scuba diving. I cannot scuba dive myself but I do enjoy reading about it.

    To sum up, I think never say never, and feel free to call it a day at three chapters if you are not loving it. 🙂 Life is too short for bad books!


    1. Thank you so much for the book recommendations. I know The Pacific companion book will be right up my alley, and I think I will probably enjoy The Martian as well.

      And my favorites, the ones I have read over and over, are not ones I would have expected either. I have not been able to read my all-time favorite, Beloved by Toni Morrison. I had such a powerful emotional reaction to that book, and haven’t wanted to go there again.


  2. When I was a child I read biographies. Read everything in the library at that time. Then I was into mysteries for a while. Very rarely do I read non fiction. Read Barbara Cartland romance novels for a short time when I was a kid. Hate what passes for romance nowadays with graphic sex scenes.
    Now I read almost exclusively science fiction/fantasy and westerns. Love David Weber and husband/wife team Sharon lee/Steve Miller.


    1. The only “Westerns” I really enjoyed were the Tony Hillerman mysteries set on the Navajo reservation. We visited the reservation often when I was young (my mom had studied anthropology at the University of Arizona and lived/worked with the Navajo and other pueblo tribes), and I did two service trips there, so much of what he describes in the book was familiar to me. I still learned a lot though.


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