In the Weeds

blahNow that our offer has been accepted, we are deep in the weeds of the loan application process and my brain already feels fried. Escrow has been set up, earnest money deposited, and we got pre-approved for the loan. But, things have come to a screeching halt otherwise because . . .

. . . Oregon is apparently going to take their sweet time processing my retirement. My official retirement date was September 1 (application received August 7), and although the retirement is supposed to be processed within 62 days, it can take up to 92 days. No benefit letter will be available until the retirement is processed, and without the benefit letter we can only go so far with the loan. So, we are keeping our fingers crossed for a miracle, that the retirement actually gets done this month.

To top it all off, I don’t feel so hot either. Not sure what’s up but I just feel blah.

Anyway, posting this week is going to be sporadic, at least until I feel better. I’ll be back though.

6 thoughts on “In the Weeds

  1. The waiting is always so hard…especially when you have NO CONTROL. Hang in there, take it easy and be good to yourself!!


    1. Some things are moving along, and others are still dead in the water. Such is life though. Things will happen when they happen.


    1. Well, I’m feeling better about some things, others not so much. But physically I’m much better, thank goodness. I HATE being sick!


    1. As I said above, some things have been settled, but we’re still waiting on other things. It will happen when it happens.


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