Feel Good Friday


The view from the top of Sleeping Giant (Nounou), looking east over Kapaa (photo by YaYu).

It has been a very difficult week. Not only did I not feel particularly well for a couple of days, but we also received some unfortunate information that we have had to digest.

I gave myself a couple of days to feel down, but I prefer to look forward and think about the positive things that are going on. So, here are some of the good things that happened this past week:

  • The weather has been cooler and nicer. The trade winds are back and we haven’t had to turn on the ceiling fan in our bedroom for over a week now, or any fans other than the ceiling fan in the living room, and even that’s been too cool a couple of times.
  • It’s been great fun having the girls home this week.
  • I got a hair cut. I tried out a new stylist last time and am very happy with her. She does a terrific job with my short cut, and she’s local, born and raised on Kaua’i, so I enjoy “talking story” with her. She gives me so many good tips about places to try, as well as insight into what life is like for many locals here.
  • We put $39.12 in the change/$1 bill jar this week. Brett brought back a LOT of $1 bills and change from his trip.
  • The ant infestation is decreasing. We got some good information from locals about what to use (Terro) and it is working! We would have preferred to use a more natural product, but locals say this will kill them down in the nest and stop them completely. (The other night I found them swarming over my cup of black coffee. Black coffee!! I knew then it was time to bring out the big guns.)
  • We spent less than $100 on our mid-month Costco visit, a nearly impossible accomplishment.
  • We got through another week without having to throw away any food.
  • I got our Christmas shopping started, all at no cost to us thanks to Swagbucks!

Good news or bad, I hope for all of you that your week has leaned toward the positive, and that good things happened for you.


8 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday

  1. tpol1 says:

    Good to hear that you are looking to the positives and lifting your spirit up. As long as there is health, no other issue is too bad.

    I am having some ant problems at my apartment too. It had been raining heavily during the past few weeks and I guess they were looking for a new home. I looked up Terro but, it is not sold in Turkey. So, I will use whatever else is available. I hope I will get rid of them a.s.a.p.


    • Laura says:

      The Terro takes a few days to work. We had a whole bunch of ants out again last night, but they were drinking down the Terro so hopefully their numbers will diminish tomorrow. The ants drink the Terro, then carry it back to their nest and disperse it to all the other ants. We’re so happy though to have found something that is apparently working even if it does take a few days.


  2. Denise says:

    Jim and I are thinking of you and hope everything is okay. We’re still trying to plan a trip over, but early February was just completely booked out. So a little later next year. Hugs too you all.


    • Laura says:

      We’re OK, but are feeling a bit heartsick right now. We are so looking forward to seeing you and Jim again next year! Hopefully we’ll have the chance to do more together than just have coffee!! We’ll be gone on our Mystery Vacation for about 10 days though starting mid-March, so hopefully you’ll be here before that or after.


      • Denise says:

        Yes, it should be later in the year, so we’ll be able to plan everything well in advance. I really hope everything is okay!


  3. Shauna says:

    There is a product with the word Orange in the name they sell at Whole Foods on the mainland. It is non-toxic and words wonders on the ants for immediate relief, if you can find it until your big guns kick in!


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