Next Year’s Mystery Vacation: Another Update

Here's someplace we are not going on our Mystery Vacation!
Here’s someplace we’re not going on our Mystery Vacation!

Actually there really isn’t much to update since last time. All the planning is done, almost everything is paid for, our savings are where they should be, and all the reservations have been made except for one. But, there’s no hurry for that so maybe next month, or in December I’ll get it set up.

Otherwise all we need to do is wait, then go and have a good time. Meiling may be able to join us – it will depend on her finals schedule. If she can be done by the day we depart, we will have her meet us at our destination, and it will be easy to fit her in or add her to everything else. Otherwise she plans to spend spring break in Portland with friends.

There’s still plenty happening around here and lots to get done in the meantime before we go next year, so we’ll stay focused on those things for the time being. I’m frankly more excited these days about Meiling’s homecoming and our son & family’s visit in December than I am about next year.

I also have to be very careful though about not giving the surprise destination away – I’ve almost let it slip out a couple of times. As far as I know though, Brett and the girls still have no idea where we’re going – yeah!

Here's somewhere else we're not going.
Here’s somewhere else we’re not going.

2 thoughts on “Next Year’s Mystery Vacation: Another Update

  1. Ah man….I thought you were making the big reveal! But then I was surprised you would pick Vegas, so I should have known it was a red herring. 😏😉


  2. I decided it was easier to show where we weren’t going than try and give any more clues. Every one I came up with would have made it easy to figure out (for someone) our destination.


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