Tuesday Miscellany

Am I the only person in the world that doesn't like pumpkin spice lattes?

Am I the only person in the world that doesn’t like pumpkin spice lattes?

Just little bits of stuff too small for their own post:

  • I am feeling very whiny right now about this whole house showing business. We had a showing Sunday morning at 11:00 a.m., another one yesterday morning at 10:30 and will be having another tomorrow morning at 9:45 a.m. This time the agent wants us to be out of the house for over an hour so once again we have to figure out somewhere to go and something to do (this time it’s some sort of realtor open house). It was bad enough doing it for our own home, but for someone else’s home I’m finding it to be downright annoying. If I were a landlord I would be apologizing profusely and taking $100 off the rent for the trouble to my tenants, but that’s just me. Brett said he is going to tell the landlord though that since we are jumping through all these hoops to sell his house (i.e. keeping the house in pristine condition and having to accommodate showings), that we expect that our deposit will be returned to us quickly and without question when we move on. Of course, after this burst of interest maybe the house will go another month with no one wanting to see it and we can relax again.
  • We are already looking for a new place to live and I discovered the condo we had planned to buy has been listed on Craigslist as a rental! But, in the small print it says that it’s for sale and tenants will have to agree to showings. Please see the above paragraph for why we won’t be calling.
  • Today Brett and I stopped in Starbucks for a drink while we had to be out of the house, and I felt a pang of nostalgia when I saw the sign for pumpkin spice lattes. Not because I like them (I don’t), but because, I realized, I missed fall just a bit. There are subtle seasonal changes here: the days are cooler and there’s less humidity, but I always did love seeing the leaves change, wearing a sweater for the first time after summer, and putting soups and stews back on the menu. Then I remembered the cold and the rain that came along with fall, and that fall segued into winter . . . and the moment passed. Lucky we live Hawaii!
  • We’re feeling very grateful right now that we don’t have those college application fees to submit. After sending off WenYu’s test scores, financial aid paperwork via priority mail (it needs to be at each school by November 1), and the College Scholarship Service Profile (CSSFinancialAid Profile) to each of her seven ranked schools, another $250 went out of our pockets and over to the post office, the College Board (the people who run the SAT) and the ACT testing service. It almost feels like you need financial aid these days just to apply to go to college!
  • I am burned out with Swagbucks and plan to throttle back at the end of the month. I have earned more than enough this year to give us a very merry Christmas, but I need a break for now. I’ll pick it back up again in January to start saving for next year. Using Swagbucks means the money we would normally put away for Christmas can be used for travel, groceries (thru Amazon) and other fun things.


10 thoughts on “Tuesday Miscellany

    • Laura says:

      The Prince has unfortunately already been rented, and for far more than we are willing to pay. The unit that’s for rent is the one we just backed out of – I’m not sure how amenable the owners would be to us now asking to possibly lease to own. But it’s a thought . . .


  1. Denise says:

    I love all things pumpkin, but pumpkin spice ~ meh. However, I did feel a pang thinking of the Starbucks there in Kapa’a! Jim and I have visited there a few times when we’ve been out on various outings.

    My daughter started cosmetology school last fall, and they offer financial aid as well. She paid for school from some of the social security money she received from her dad, and I was absolutely ecstatic not to have to fill out the FAFSA!


    • Laura says:

      OMG – the CSS paperwork makes the FAFSA look like child’s play! The instructions said it might take 2 hours – it took Brett nearly four hours because he had to practically do our 2015 taxes now (!!!) in order to fill out the form. And then each college wanted specific information about different things. We are SO GLAD it is done!


  2. M'Shell says:

    I realized this fall that I love the idea of a Pumpkin Spice Latte but I don’t love the actual drink. I got one from Starbucks on the first day that felt like fall and I didn’t even drink the whole thing.


    • Laura says:

      I don’t like flavored lattes, so that’s a strike against them right away, for me anyway. And the combination of pumpkin and coffee just does nothing for me either. They had samples one day at Costco of those bottle pumpkin spice frappuchinos – meh.

      Offer me a peppermint mocha or an orange mocha and that’s a different story!


  3. Hawaii Planner says:

    I don’t like sweetner of any kind in my coffee – just milk, or if I’m feeling super decadent, cream. 😉 So, pumpkin spice in a coffee makes me one to gag a little bit. 😉 I do love pumpkin bread, muffins, etc

    It’s definitely fall here in the bay area. I’m actually wearing a sweater around the house (first day in probably 6 months?) and it sprinkled this evening. I’m loving it, but mostly because I know it won’t last very long. 😉


    • Laura says:

      I once had unsweetened pumpkin coffee – I think Trader Joe’s was selling it – it was awful. Otherwise I am good with anything pumpkin. And I’m with you on the sweetners. I like my coffee black, or with just milk. I do like mochas, but only occasionally as they’re pretty much too sweet for me.


  4. Shauna says:

    Your landlords should absolutely be giving you a discount. I am surprised they are not. Have you asked them for one due to the inconvenience? It is absolutely worth it to them to keep you happy, you could very easily adversely affect their sale (not that you would, but still!).


    • Laura says:

      We decided to go do our big Costco shopping while we had to be out of the house, and ran into our landlord while we were there. He just said hi, and then started talking about the work he was still doing in the back yard. Not even one moment of recognition that we were out of the house because it was being shown, etc. He’s a nice guy, but totally clueless.

      If the showings pick up, we will speak with the selling agent and have her relay the message to him about the inconvenience. She told us yesterday that there are homes she cannot show because of conditions inside, and yet ours is so clean and well-kept – we will use that if we have to.


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