Feel Good Friday

Guess what our grandson is getting from Grandma and Grandpa?

It’s been another good, busy week here at Casa Aloha, with several things happening to feel good about this Friday:

  • We got the freezer emptied out and defrosted before our big shopping trip to Costco.
  • We came in $40 under budget after our monthly Costco and Safeway shop-a-thons, a miracle because we had run out of so much this month, and our shopping list was longer than ever. The extra will cover milk and eggs when we need them later in the month.
  • We saved $30 by skipping the farmers’ market this week – we still have plenty of produce on hand.
  • My grandson sent me a letter complete with some drawings and his signature!
  • Brett found a button on the ground at the recycling center that was a perfect replacement for the one he lost off one of his favorite pairs of shorts a while ago. And, he sewed it on himself (he learned to do mending when he was in the navy).
  • I had a great conversation with my mom this week. She was so thrilled to hear that WenYu was named a scholarship finalist.
  • Temperatures have been cooler all week, especially in the evenings. Not cool enough for a sweater (thank goodness) but we haven’t needed the fans at night.
  • We put $19.53 in the change/$1 bill jar during the last two weeks. It doesn’t seem like much, but we have almost saved $1000 this year this way. That’s some nice traveling money!

How was your week? What good things happened for you?


4 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday

  1. I am disproportionately pleased by the idea of Brett being able to sew his own buttons. I hope anyone else reading this might think of teaching their kids/spouse to do the same!


    1. I think one of the reasons our marriage has lasted so long is that Brett is still able to surprise me. I was sure he had learned some mending skills in the navy, but that was over 40 years ago, and I’d never seen him do it! He said he sewed it right on because he was afraid he’s lose his free button if he didn’t!


  2. I just received my $50 kindle fire. Now if I can only figure out how it works. So frustrating when you get something new in electronics.. Also added Ted Koppel’s “Lights out” to my kindle reading list but haven’t had a change to look at it yet. Temperatures are getting cooler in the evenings but days are still into the mid and high eighties.
    Saw something online about Hawaii that said a gallon of milk costs $9. Is that true?


    1. You sound like me with new technology – it takes me a while to figure things out. My children, on the other hand, pick something up and seem to instantly know how everything works and how to use all the features.

      You can pay $9 for milk in some of the tourist markets, but at Safeway or other local grocery stores it’s more like $5.75 or so per gallon, still higher than on the mainland but not as bad as $9. Often you can find milk for less if the expiration date is close. We’ve bought milk that way and have never had it go sour. We pay $4.35/gallon at Costco. We’re not big milk drinkers, but usually can use it up before it turns. We use the sour milk then for pancakes and other baking.


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