Sunday Afternoon 11/01/2015

Sheriff Woody!
Sheriff Woody says howdy!

Thank you for your lovely comments yesterday! We’re still basking in the glow of finding such a wonderful new rental home, but later today Brett and I have to walk through the house here and start prioritizing what things we can start moving right away, what can wait, and what needs to go last.

I promise to post pictures as soon as we’re in the new house and everything is put away!

Our current landlord has decided he’s going to be a jerk about our quitting the lease. He called Brett late yesterday morning and started out by yelling that we still have to pay him rent the first of every month remaining on the lease, that the law was on his side, and so forth. First, the law is not completely on his side with this. He required by Hawaii law to “mitigate damages” by actively looking for a new tenant once we’ve given notice and he will have a very hard time here explaining why he couldn’t find another tenant in less than 30 days. People rent homes here that are for sale all the time. Second, it appears though that he might have been the one to initially violate the lease when he listed the house for sale and placed For Sale signs out front. I’m not a lawyer, but the only mention in the lease having anything to do with the sale of the property says that he can only post “For Sale” or “For Rent” signs, or show the house to a prospective purchaser or renter, within 30 days of the end of the lease. He put in that 30 day figure! He had signs up and there were showings with eight months still left on the lease. We feel we should have been offered a month-to-month lease the minute he decided to put the house on the market, and getting nasty or threatening with us at this point is not going to win him any points. Also, there is a major legal issue with the property, the elephant in the room so to speak, and I personally would not be threatening my tenant in any way if I wanted to keep that issue quiet. We’re putting everything in writing though just to cover ourselves.

Otherwise, today I am:

  • Reading: I haven’t done much reading this week and I’m not happy about it. I’ve picked up my book every evening and fallen asleep within a couple of pages every. single. day. Same for the times I tried to read during the afternoon. The book, A Pleasure and A Calling, is a good book, but reading just seems to put me to sleep these days.
  • Listening to: The girls and their friends are playing a card game. Both girls had friends over yesterday evening for Halloween and a sleepover.
  • Watching: Brett and I finished Band of Brothers last week (Brett enjoyed it immensely – we finished it so quickly because as soon as one episode finished he wanted to watch another), but we’ve started in on the new season of Murdoch Mysteries that’s available now. We’re also still watching Midsomer Murders, of course.
  • Cooking/baking: Brett made blueberry pancakes again this morning for breakfast to use up some sour milk. I’m making a Thai-style pork stew for dinner tonight along with jasmine rice. The pork is currently in the slow cooker and smells delicious. YaYu and a friend are making “Dead Bread” later this afternoon to take to their Spanish class tomorrow for El Dia de los Muertos.
  • Happy I accomplished last week: Other than nailing down a new rental, WenYu finally got the last piece of her application off to the last college before the deadline. My part of this accomplishment was reminding (nagging?) her every day to get it done. My goodness, that girl can procrastinate when she sets her mind to it! Now we all go into permanent finger-crossing mode until scholarship matches are announced on December 1. Being matched is a very long shot for her, but we will remain hopeful.
  • Looking forward to next week: Getting started on our move!
  • Grateful for: That we were able to connect so quickly on a personal level with our new landlord. He is very proud of his new house, and we take pride in our home whether we own it or rent it, so think this will be a win-win for both of us.
  • Bonus question: Do you like board games? Not really, although I know there are some very cool ones out these days – two of our daughters have asked for board games for Christmas this year. I enjoyed playing board games when I was younger, but these days they just don’t do much for me. Some of the ones my daughters want look like they might be interesting though, so I soon may be giving one of them a try.

I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday afternoon. What are you looking forward to next week?

8 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon 11/01/2015

  1. Is the adorable Woody your grandson? Too cute!

    Fingers crossed that your current rental situation resolves itself quickly & peacefully. 😦 I am so very happy that it’s November. . . home stretch for fall sports & closing in on Thanksgiving & the holidays!


    1. Yes – that’s our little guy. Our son and wife always get him the cutest Halloween costumes. He goes to Halloween parties in Japan – they don’t do trick or treat there. Halloween is more of a commercial holiday there than anything else.

      Rental issues have been resolved! More tomorrow . . . .


  2. When my Aunt was alive, we all played “scrabble”. I haven’t played anything in years. Mostly I play games on the computer.

    Your grandson is so cute. Love the costume.


    1. LOVE Scrabble! But, it’s the one game I have to really work at to beat Brett. He is very good at it and usually wins. We still play with the set we bought before we were married. Some of the new board games look very interesting though.

      Our grandson takes after our daughter-in-law more and more each year. He is a cutie! This year’s costume was a fun surprise – last year he was Captain Hook and had a fabulous pirate coat and hat, and a foam hook to wear on his hand!


  3. When you rent you are always worried about the lease ending and getting in that new place seamlessly and change of ownership while you are there.

    When you own you are always worried about property tax going up and big repairs and insurance costs rising.

    There is no way to avoid worry is there?

    Hopefully he is just panicking and that was just an initial reaction. Obviously he doesn’t want to sell but has to for some reason and your leaving just puts something else on his plate now needing new tenants. Just recently they hoped you could stay on and be income for the next owners. Their end got more complicated and they are already a bit of a mess. All the more reason you want to move on to the next place. 8 months of keeping the place presentable with strangers walking through your personal things is a lot to deal with.


    1. LOL! You are right – there is always something to worry about when it comes to housing. Right now in our lives we are happy to not worry about taxes and maintenance. But, the issue has been resolved with our landlord, so we are feeling much better now.


  4. So sorry about the ugliness with your current landlord. Obviously he just needs the money and is angry that his plans have changed. Hopefully he will calm down. You are more educated on your rights and his mistakes in the Lease, and can remind him of the “Elephant Issue” and hopefully he will back off. Happy moving!! You downsized so much before leaving Portland and hopefully this time it won’t be nearly so bad to get your things moved. Hire someone to move the big stuff!! It is worth the money, especially with stairs. Nice that you have a month to transition. We moved 7 months ago and I still haven’t gotten the pictures all up! One thing I really wish I had made time for was a thorough cleaning of all of the cabinets, and putting shelf paper in. Things happened so quickly for us and we wanted to get into the new place, but a few days to scrub would have been better, in hindsight.


    1. Yes, he does need the money, which is why we offered to help him find a new renter. He is recently divorced, and is selling the house to pay his former wife (she owns half of it and he can’t afford to buy her out). Not our problem, but we really don’t want to hurt him either because he has children that he supports.

      Our new house is so new we are afraid to put up nails to hang pictures so it may take us a while to figure something out.


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