Sunday Afternoon 11/08/2015

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Our new house! I am so excited about having a place all to ourselves.

What a C-R-A-Z-Y week!

We’ve gotten started on the move, and let me just start out by saying how glad I am that we got rid of so many things before our move over here! Just a few days of carrying stuff over in our car and it feels like we’ve gotten half of it over to the new house already. We’re not actually that far along, but what we have taken so far has made a very visible difference. We’ve given ourselves a goal of being able to sleep in the new house by next weekend.

But, what’s made this week crazy has been all the showings to prospective renters. Our landlord put up the ad on Craigslist on Tuesday at noon, and we did our first showing that evening. By Friday we had fielded 14 requests for showings from our landlord – he took the calls and screened them, then sent on a number to us to set up the showing. Out of those 14 requests we did nine showings, with another one potentially scheduled for next week, although hopefully the landlord will have chosen a new renter by then. When he called with the last one on Friday evening though we said “Enough! Pick someone!” He said he had three good, interested candidates and would be interviewing them early in the week.

Along the way, we have met some very “interesting” people and some genuinely nice people as well. Actually, I would have a very, very hard time deciding between two families that we know seriously want to rent the house. One family just moved here, the other is local, born and raised on the island. I almost hope we don’t find out if one of them is chosen just because I will feel so disappointed for the family who is not.

I want to give a shout out that Sluggy, over at Don’t Read This; It’s Boring, has another great “Boring Box Giveaway.” Not that I want any competition, mind you, but these giveaways are fun. Lots of great stocking stuffers in this one!

Finally, my Oregon retirement finally showed up. So, as of this past week I am officially retired!

Anyway, this afternoon I am (besides taking more stuff over to the new house):

  • Reading: Nothing but blogs – they’re all I can seem to fit in these days. I didn’t get a lick of book reading done this past week. No time, and I was asleep every night before my head hit the pillow.
  • Listening to: The girls moving about in their rooms pulling together stuff that can go over to the house today. And chickens. We can still hear chickens and roosters over at the new place, but they are not living (and arguing) right out in the yard like they do here.
  • Watching: Brett and I got in a few episodes of Murdoch Mysteries and Midsomer Murders this past week, but mostly we’ve been too tired to watch any TV.
  • Cooking/baking: Brett made an apple puffed pancake for our breakfast this morning, and YaYu is baking a triple chocolate bundt cake just because we all want something chocolate (and then the mixer is going over to the new house). Tonight for dinner I am fixing a pork and pepper stir fry and serving with steamed rice. It will use up the last packages of CookDo sauce mix we brought back from Japan this spring :-(. I am asking my son to bring more with him when he comes next month so we should be good.
  • Happy I accomplished last week: Getting the move started! Things are slowly by surely getting moved over to the new place, and the address has been changed for all our accounts. I’m also glad (surprised, actually) I’ve been able to keep up with my usual household chores here in spite of the showings and getting things over to the new place.
  • Looking forward to next week: Getting the new house set up so we can (hopefully) start sleeping over there by the end of next weekend. Yesterday evening Brett and I lined all the cupboards so that the dishes and other kitchen stuff can begin their move and be put away. We’re renting a truck next weekend and a lot of the furniture will start going over, at least the things Brett and I can get down the stairs on our own.
  • Grateful for: I’m beyond thankful right now that we brought so little over here with us when we moved last year. And, that we haven’t accumulated much since we’ve been here other than a few beach accessories.
  • Bonus question: Do you have a favorite drink at Starbucks? I honestly don’t stop at Starbucks very often, maybe once every three or four months, but my usual drink of choice is a “grande nonfat green tea latte, no syrup.” Yep, when I go to Starbucks I order a hot tea drink, even in the summer. I also like plain, nonfat lattes and occasionally order one of those, usually if I’m there early in the morning. I don’t like flavored coffee drinks except for peppermint or orange mochas, but I think it’s been over two years since I’ve had one. I’ve never ordered a size larger than grande – I don’t think I could finish a venti anything. Not a big fan of Frappuchinos either, although the girls love them. Once though I got a blueberry Frappuchino up in Seattle – they were test marketing the flavor – and I thought it was out of this world. Obviously it never went any further than Seattle. And, when I was in Japan in 2014, one of their summer Frappuchino flavors was Green Tea-Fudge Brownie. Oh my, but that was good! Brett’s orders are always consistent: either a tall (dark) coffee of the day or a tall caramel macchiato.

Hope you have all had a great week and are enjoying your Sunday afternoon! I’m off now to move more stuff . . . .

5 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon 11/08/2015

  1. Vivian says:

    Good luck with the move. Sounds like everything is going pretty fast. Looking forward to seeing more of your new house.
    Don’t go to Starbucks as I don’t drink coffee or hot tea. Southern iced tea for me.


  2. tpol1 says:

    You should see my apartment. I have had a contractor tear down the entire kitchen last week. All the water pipes have been replaced but they are still exposed. I bought new floor tiles that look like painted wood. Today they will be delivered and hopefully this week they will be laid down. The kitchen cabinets will probably be delivered two-three weeks from now. I would much rather move than do this but alas! I still need to purchase a new sink, new wall oven, new cooktop and a hood.

    I almost always have a Grande Misto (filter coffe with milk) at Starbucks. I do not like sweet drinks.

    Good Luck with the move!


  3. Denise says:

    Love the house, and yes, can’t wait to see more pictures. I don’t go to Starbucks too much anymore, but when I do it’s either a grande non-fat dry Cappuccino or a Peppermint Mocha at the holidays.


  4. Karyn says:

    So happy for you! Sounds like everything is falling into place. Although I don’t envy the moving process! We moved 3 years ago to a house less than a 1/4 mile from our old condo and it was horrible!!
    I don’t drink Starbucks!! In fact, I don’t drink coffee or any hot beverage at all!


  5. Hawaii Planner says:

    Sounds like your move is coming along extremely well! Nice work getting everything sorted out, and you are so correct about the beauty of having “less stuff” to move!

    I don’t go to Starbucks a lot (we have an espresso machine at home), but I do confess needing more caffeine when I travel & I’m jet lagged (and honestly, not paying ;-)). I vary based on weather. For colder climes, I get a nonfat latte (espresso & foamed milk), but no flavoring. If it’s warmer, or I need a boost in the middle of the day, I like the iced green tea, or for a splurge, I like the iced tea with a splash of lemonade. Yum!


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