Saturday Morning: Moving


I wrote the following post evening to get it ready for this morning, but before we heard the news from Paris, and before we got started on our very busy day, weekend and week. But, the problems and tribulations of our days ahead suddenly seem very, very small indeed compared to what the people of Paris have suffered and what their days ahead will bring. Although I’ve never been to Paris, my heart is both broken yet at the same time full of love for the city in her grief.

For those of you still checking in, thank you! It’s been a very busy week as we here at Casa Aloha continue to move from our old address to our new. Brett and I have been making trips over to the new house every day, usually more than one, but have made a lot of progress. Actually, we’ve gotten enough moved over that we’ll be sleeping in the new house tonight!

I have especially enjoyed being able to put most things away as soon as they’re at Casa Aloha v.2, rather than have everything dumped off at once and then having to take days to find a place for everything. The kitchen is almost completely set up; we’ll be moving everything from the fridge today as well as the last of the dishes and will be enjoying our first dinner in the new house this evening.

Our old landlord finally picked a new tenant this past week, two single guys (we showed the house to one of them; he was very nice). We were sure he was going to pick one of two families because he called during the week to ask us again our impressions of them and said they were at the top of his list, so hearing that the guys were chosen was something of a shock. No matter, we will be leaving the two guys with a clean house. The last of our things will go over next Saturday (the first day we could arrange for movers – we need them to move about eight pieces too heavy for Brett and me), and all of us will all be back over here on Sunday for a final cleaning. Keys will be turned over on Monday, November 23, our deposit returned and then we are done with The Treehouse. It’s been a great first home for us here on Kaua’i, but we are ready to move on.

I will be mostly offline for the next week – our WiFi won’t be switched over to the new house until next Friday, but we won’t be back at the old address all that much. Our goal is to get the new house fully operational with everything in place by next weekend.

Here’s hoping you’ll continue to hang in there with us as The Occasional Nomads finish up our relocation – we’ll be back blogging in another week!


3 thoughts on “Saturday Morning: Moving

  1. Such a well-organized move you are having!! I moved 7 months ago, and it was very unorganized. We were so happy to be in our new place and moved in the first day we could, but in hindsight I wish I had spread the move over a week or two instead of all in one day. Oh well. We love our new digs and I know you will, too! So happy you found a great place.


  2. We’ve been to Paris several times. A beautiful city. Very heart breaking what’s gone on there. Great progress on your move. So happy for you.


  3. Our last few moves, we’ve made sure to have at least a week of crossover, so for that week all I would do is go back and forth between the two places, moving stuff. Sounds like you are getting things moved.. 🙂


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