Giving Thanks Every Day


2015 has been another very good year for me and for our family. We are all healthy; there have been no major medical issues for any of us. My 91 years-old mother is still in assisted living and doing OK. We’ve been able to live well here in Hawai’i on our income, and even save. I segued easily into retirement month before last. Meiling survived and prospered after moving back to Portland at the end of last year, and has started college and is doing well. WenYu, YaYu and I had a terrific trip to Japan last March, and Brett had a wonderful time with his sister back in Oregon and California this past September. We were able to find and move into a fantastic new rental home just this month, and we’re looking forward to our son and his family’s visit in just a few weeks. Our cup really has “runneth over” with good fortune, and we have much to give thanks for.

I admit though to not being very good in the past about taking time each day to feel gratitude or give thanks for all that I and my family have. I very easily took way too much for granted. I’ve tried to change that this past year, and be more conscious of and more reflective about, even if just for a few minutes, all I have in my life. I’m getting better at it, and these days I almost always am able to stop, look around, and say thank you at least once a day.

Clean water every time I turn on the tap. Hot water on demand. Electricity 24/7. Food in my pantry, refrigerator and freezer. Shelves fully stocked when I go to the store. Up-to-date appliances and equipment to prepare and cook my food, or clean my house. Beautiful weather (most of the time). Money in the bank. Plenty of clothes. Stunning scenery all around me. Ocean views every day. Fantastic beaches year round. Good friends. A happy, healthy family. A long, loving marriage. Travel opportunities. Aloha every day. A safe home. A comfortable bed every night. A big TV to watch. Music. Technology. Books. Uninterrupted free time. The opportunity to blog about my life. Fantastic readers and followers of my blog. And on and on . . . I have been blessed with so very, very much.

Although tomorrow’s holiday is special, and my favorite of the year, it’s really only another day to give thanks for the abundance I and my family enjoy every day. We are rich beyond measure.


6 thoughts on “Giving Thanks Every Day

  1. Beautiful! I think making the time & space to appreciate your life makes it much easier to appreciate, as your quote mentions. Whenever travel, I’m shocked by the difference when I come home, & how much I appreciate the blue sky, the lack of crime, the clean water, and the ease of my life.


    1. Someone (Oprah maybe?) suggested keeping a notebook by your bed and writing down at least three things you are grateful for every night before you go to sleep. I’m not that organized, but it has made a huge different to just stop for a few moments every day, and look around at all I have. It has made me happier to take notice of and express gratitude for all the good things that surround me.

      And yes, travel really can make you appreciate all that we have here.


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