Sunday Afternoon 11/29/2015

Two of my three favorite guys. These two will be here in less than 3 weeks!
Two of my three favorite guys. They’ll be here in less than 3 weeks!

The last Sunday in November, and Thanksgiving is over – it’s almost hard to believe how fast we’re moving to the end of the 2015. It’s both exciting and bittersweet.

We’ve been greatly enjoying our long weekend here at Casa Aloha. We’ve been sleeping in and relaxing, and doing lots of reading. And, of course we’ve been eating! The Thanksgiving leftovers are almost gone now – just a little bit of dressing and some gravy left that someone will probably eat for lunch today.

We did our big monthly shop-athon yesterday and are almost ready for our influx of visitors next month. Our big shopping score yesterday was a 7 1/2-pound pork loin that we got for just $6.38 at Costco! All pork loins and whole turkeys were $10 off this weekend, and I wish we had more room in our freezer because we would have bought several more loins as well as a couple of turkeys. Oh well – as it is, we can barely get the door closed on the freezer because it’s so full. We also spent $73 less than we had budgeted for our Costco shopping, so we’re really happy about that too.

This afternoon I am:

  • Reading: I’m about half-way through The Boys In the Boat and am thoroughly enjoying it. I love books that combine history with personal effort, perseverance and triumph and this book has it all.
  • Listening to: It’s very quiet here today. The washing machine is going as the sun is out and I want to give everything a good, long time outside to dry.
  • Watching: Brett and I finished up the latest Murdoch Mystery series, and started watching The Man In the High Castle. We’ve finished six episodes so far and are finding it very dark and dystopian. It’s a welcome break from the mysteries though (and now I want to read the book it’s based on).
  • Cooking/baking: Brett made French toast for breakfast to use up the last of some Portuguese sweet bread that was in the freezer. I’m going to make a zucchini frittata for dinner tonight and serve along with garlic bread and some sort of salad. No baking today – we still have a little bit of the pumpkin cheesecake left.
  • Happy I accomplished this past week: We’re so glad to be completely done with the old place, and have our deposit back in the bank. Getting this month’s shop-athon accomplished was something of an ordeal, but the girls came along and helped and we pretty much have everything on hand for Meiling’s return and our son and his family’s visit.
  • Looking forward to next week: Questbridge Match scholarships will be announced on Tuesday. Neither WenYu nor we are expecting her to be matched as the odds are so small, but I still maintain a tiny bit of hope. As before, we have mint chocolate chip ice cream, hot fudge sauce and whipped cream on hand so WenYu can either drown her sorrows or celebrate.
  • Thankful for: Whether WenYu is matched or not, I am so grateful we learned about the Questbridge College Match program this year. Even without a match, because she is a finalist she has an advantage if she applies to Questbridge partner colleges for regular admission. Being a finalist is also a significant honor to put on her applications to non-partner colleges. The Questbridge application takes a great deal of work to complete, so she is already well-ahead on her other applications and her essays can be reused.
  • Bonus Question: What are your favorite ways to use Thanksgiving leftovers? We traditionally always have hot turkey sandwiches the day after Thanksgiving which uses up most of the stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy. The following days I typically make a turkey divan casserole with noodles, a turkey pot pie and then we finish up with turkey rice soup. The girls also get turkey sandwiches in their school lunches. Usually we look forward to several days of turkey meals; this year we were burned out after the hot turkey sandwiches. Meiling has asked me to make the turkey divan casserole when she’s home, so I froze most of our leftover turkey and we’ll have that casserole in a couple of weeks.

How is your Sunday afternoon? What are you up to? What are you looking forward to?

10 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon 11/29/2015

  1. Hi Laura,
    Alan and I are on island for the next 12 days if you have time to meet up sometime. We just bought a house last May in Kapaa. We are currently renting it until we can move here in a couple of years. Thanks!


  2. Mama usually makes barbecue turkey but we didn’t have enough leftovers this year so she made turkey soup instead.
    Reading a Stargate novel.
    Good luck to WenYu.


    1. All fingers and toes are crossed for good news tomorrow!

      I love barbecued turkey. Once when we lived in Key West we put our turkey out on the smoker for the day; we’d done it the year before and it was delicious. We had guests coming for dinner and thought they would enjoy the smoked turkey. There was a wind blowing that day, but it wasn’t cold so we figured no problem. Late in the afternoon we took the turkey out of the smoker – the skin was nice and crisp and it smelled wonderful. We brought it in, sliced it . . . and it had only cooked a 1/2 inch down – the inside of the turkey was RAW. The wind had apparently kept the heat in the smoker from reaching the turkey. We were able to finish the turkey in the microwave, but our friends teased us forever about serving them raw turkey!


  3. We finally made it to a holiday parade (we’ve tried the past couple of years, & never made it happen). It was great. We also went on a bike ride, I went on a run, baked brownies, and we polished off most of the holiday leftovers! It’s unseasonably cold here (40s), so I’m torn between enjoying the change & being freezing! 🙂


    1. I have really enjoyed reading all you were able to do and get done this past weekend. Hope it will serve as some motivation for why you are planning those big changes in your life!

      It’s in the 70s here. I know, poor us. But it feels cooler, and far less humid than it did a few months ago. Plus, it’s the reason we moved here – for these warm temperatures. Better this than rain, cold and gray skies in Portland.


    1. We are getting very excited about celebrating our next holiday here, and wondering how it will go with everyone gathered in our small house. Our oldest called yesterday to ask us NOT to decorate the tree until she gets home weekend after next. So, we will put up our tree next weekend, but hold off on putting on the ornaments until she arrives.

      Loved, loved your post about the teas you’ve tried. I’m a dyed in the wool coffee drinker, but do like tea now and then as well. You’ve given me some lovely ideas of ones to try!


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