On To Regular Decision

tumblr_nghutqdRzU1tprzcpo1_1280WenYu was not selected for a match scholarship yesterday. We still feasted on pizza last night, and drowned our sorrows in mint chip ice cream topped with hot fudge sauce and whipped cream.

The good news though is this is not the end; in fact, as the Questbridge organization reminded us on Monday, most Questbridge scholars are admitted through regular decision, and many, if not most, will receive financial aid near to what they would have received as a match scholar.

WenYu said she is feeling somewhat relieved. She knew her chances for being selected were very, very slim – only around 13% of finalists were chosen (around 5% of all applicants), and most of those came from families who have a lesser income than we do, and who are from under-represented minorities and are the first in their family to go to college. While she would love for this whole “college application ordeal” to be over, there are also other schools where she would like to apply. Some of those are Questbridge partner schools, some are not. She is looking forward to having a bit more control over which college she attends versus being locked into attending a school that was maybe not her first choice.

Becoming a Questbridge finalist is a huge honor though, so she will be able to add that to her regular decision application. She will also be able to add her selection as swim team co-captain.

Every night for the last month or so, I have read her beautiful application essay before I turned off the light and went to sleep. It has been my talisman, my reminder that no matter how this turned out that we have had the incredible privilege of raising this incredibly smart, sensitive and talented girl, and that her future will be a bright one.

On to regular decision!

3 thoughts on “On To Regular Decision

  1. I am sorry she was not matched, but it sounds like it has still been a good experience that will help with her future.


  2. I love the positive approach & totally agree – having the flexibility to decide where to go is huge! I really wanted to go to Bryn Mawr, ended up at Claremont McKenna due to a nearly full ride scholarship, & it wasn’t a match for me at all. I ended up transferring, taking on more debt to secure attendance at a school that was a better fit for me, and totally put me on the path I’m on. I got my first internship in my field courtesy of my faculty advisor, which led me here! 🙂


  3. Sorry about the lack of a match, but like most things in your lives, I bet it will work out better than you ever expected. Love the drowning/celebrating with the ice cream idea. I am going to adopt that one at our house.


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