Feel Good Friday

YaYu won a selfie stick at the annual Key Club - Kiwanis dinner this week, and I promptly photobombed their first picture.
My first photobomb

We are still waiting to hear WenYu’s application status at Wellesley College. Because she was a Questbridge finalist, her application did not move through the regular routes, so she has no access to the admissions portal to check her status. Wellesley said though that everyone would be notified by the end of today. WenYu is very calm about all this – she will of course love to hear that she’s been accepted, but if not then it wasn’t meant to be, and there’s another college waiting for her. (Note: She has received word that her application has been deferred to regular decision. So, not a rejection but not accepted either. 😦 )

Many other good things happened this week though to make me feel quite good this Friday:

  • I have my Mac back! It’s working better than ever.
  • WenYu heard back from Colorado College that she is officially a ‘legacy’ candidate – my mother graduated from CC in 1945. Hopefully this will help boost her chances for admission there (if she is not accepted at Wellesley).
  • Brett got our Christmas tree up on Sunday, and Meiling and I will hang the ornaments early next week. It’s still beautiful in the meantime with only the lights turned on.
  • I had a fantastic time meeting reader Cheryl, her husband and their friends on Monday. We were only going to meet for brunch, but after we finished eating they drove me home, came in for a tour and we ended up chatting for another two hours. I can’t wait until they’re back on the island to stay! We will practically be neighbors – their new house is very close to ours.
  • I received a nice check from the State of Oregon on Tuesday! I thought the account it came from had merged with my retirement account, so was a bit surprised that it was paid out separately. I rolled over the whole amount into my IRA.
  • We put $23.34 into the change/$1 bill jar this week. We put $31.01+ in the jar during November (because of the move I didn’t keep track of all of it).
  • We spent just $23.25 for all the delicious, locally-grown fruit and vegetables we bought on Wednesday at the farmers’ market (so your guess was extremely close, Jen!). The bunch of edamame was just $2, and the big, sweet tangelos were 2/$1. I wish I had bought more of them, although they will probably be back next week.
  • Brett and I didn’t make it down to the south side this week to buy our daughter-in-law’s present, but are otherwise completely done including gifts for the Angel Tree that the girls’ Key Club sponsors. We will go down to the south side with Meiling next week while the other girls are in school (Thursday is their last day).
  • Meiling will be here on Sunday evening, and our son and family will arrive next Thursday – less than a week to go until the whole family is together! I am SO EXCITED! The last time we were able to be together was August 2013.

Hope you’re feeling good this Friday, and that you had a terrific week!


3 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday

  1. Love the photo! I too am super excited to be together with my larger family (parents, sister, nephews + husband/kids) over the holidays. It’s such a fantastic thing to have a family you actually enjoy spending time with. I feel really lucky. 🙂


    1. We too all have such a good time when we’re together, and our grandson makes it even more fun. The girls have several activities lined up to do with him (games, decorating a gingerbread house, etc.).

      YaYu received a selfie stick as a gift at the annual Key Club/Kiwanis Holiday dinner, and used my phone for her first pictures. So of course I had to sneak in on a couple ;-).


  2. My 3 kids are ages 15, 12 and 10 and are stuck with us for Christmas. And at this point I don’t think they will would want anything else, but I know in a few years they will be off in college and with their own lives….I realize now how it all goes by so quickly. How wonderful that you will all be together in Hawaii over Christmas!


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