Sunday Afternoon 12/13/2015

Our beautiful girl!

Meiling will be here tonight! I cannot begin to tell you how excited we are to have our girl home again, even if it’s just for a couple of weeks.

There’s a small problem with her return flight schedule that has to be ironed out – the airline sent her a new schedule that has her departing Kaua’i for Honolulu on 12/23 (!!!) and then departing Honolulu non-stop to Portland on 12/29 (!!!!). Yes, they have her sitting in the Honolulu airport on her own for six days over Christmas! I THINK NOT. Hopefully it will be easy to straighten out because otherwise we’re talking about a major refund, etc. since the trip was booked months ago.

The girls’ swim team’s fundraiser this year was selling fresh Molokai bread. It’s baked on Molokai and then flown over here (and is still warm when the plane arrives). My goodness, but this bread is delicious. The plain bread is knock-your-socks-off tasty, but it’s also available with a strawberry-cream cheese filling, and a blueberry-cream cheese filling – both are amazing. We bought one of each flavor and I’m now wishing I had bought more. The bread practically sold itself, and the fundraiser helps reduce the cost of the girls’ ridiculously expensive competition swimsuits.

Otherwise, today I am:

  • Reading: I started a new mystery this past Sunday evening: The Last Taxi Ride by A.X. Ahmad. While the last mystery I read was set in the Hasidic communities of New York, in this one the protagonist is a Sikh taxi driver in New York City. It’s a very exciting read, one where I want to know how it gets resolved and yet don’t want it to end.
  • Listening to: It’s another lovely day here, so plenty of yard work going on around us, and cars are getting washed. Brett is outside reading, and the girls are puttering around in their room. Otherwise it’s a very quiet Sunday morning.
  • Watching: Last night was WenYu and my traditional holiday viewing of Love, Actually, but from here on out whenever we can fit them in Brett and I will go back to the M&Ms (Murdoch Mysteries and Midsomer Murders). We’re enjoying the turn Midsomer has taken since Neal Dudgeon joined the cast as the new Inspector Barnaby. The show is a bit darker and more mysterious, and less “cozy” than it was with John Nettles.
  • Cooking/backing: I’m making a pan of pecan pie bars to welcome Meiling home, one of her favorite sweets. Dinner tonight will be grilled chicken, dressing and green beans (good leftovers for a late dinner for Meiling!).
  • Happy you accomplished this last week: I got most of the Christmas presents wrapped this last week – just a couple more to go. We decided against buying Christmas paper last year, and are again using paper bags and newspaper for our gift wrap, all tied up with colorful (reusable) Christmas ribbon we picked up at the thrift store. We did this last year and it looked terrific. I also secured reservations to attend a local luau week after next – we got a 50% kamaaina discount which makes the outing affordable.
  • Looking forward to next week: Besides Meiling’s arrival this evening (and lunch with her at Duane’s Ono Charburger tomorrow – her favorite Kaua’i place to eat), our son and family arrive on Thursday in the early afternoon, which is going to crank the excitement dial up to 11 for all of us! Thursday is also the day WenYu finds out if she’s been accepted for Early Action at Colorado College. Fingers are crossed again!
  • Thankful for: I’m feeling very grateful that my family will be able to be together for Christmas this year. It’s getting more and more difficult for our children to arrange their schedules, get to Hawai’i, and it will only get more so as the girls get older and move on, so I am extremely thankful for every opportunity we have to all be together.
  • Bonus Question: What’s for Christmas dinner this year? I usually serve ham, but our son doesn’t care for it, so this year I’m going to fix The Pioneer Woman’s Perfect Pot Roast, along with macaroni and cheese, salad (made with local greens), and rolls. I’m making a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting for dessert. Our Christmas dinner will actually take place on Christmas Eve this year – December 25 is our son and daughter-in-law’s 13th anniversary, and they are going out that evening to celebrate (so we get to babysit our grandson – YEAH!!!).

I hope you have all had a wonderful week, and are looking forward to next week as well. Here’s to a relaxing Sunday afternoon!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon 12/13/2015

  1. How lovely that you’ll all be together soon! Enjoy this special time with your family!
    We will be at my parent’s house for Christmas Eve dinner. My mother usually makes Lasagna from scratch, but I’m not sure she’s up to it. I was thinking a turkey roast might be nice.


    1. Thanks! We always have a great time together. Lasagna for Christmas dinner sounds FANTASTIC! I’m going to have to remember that for another year. I did think about fixing another turkey dinner, but we just had it for Thanksgiving, and no one was very enthusiastic about it, so pot roast it will be, with French dip sandwiches on Christmas evening while our son and DIL are out to dinner!


  2. It is so fantastic that you will all be together again! How exciting. I know my parents are still thrilled when my sister & I make it home every year. Haven’t missed on yet, and I’m almost 40. 😉 Helped greatly by the fact that one of my long-time boyfriends was Jewish & my husband’s family doesn’t live in the country. My parents have never had any competition! 😉

    Your Christmas meal sounds amazing. Enjoy the time with your family!


    1. It is very hard for us to get together, especially after our son moved over to Japan to work back in 2000. We loved it when he was at law school in Seattle because we got to see them every year, and seeing them now is a treat.

      So nice that you get to be with your family every year. Not the same, but Brett was always home for Christmas when he was in the navy except for one year (Desert Storm – our son and I went to Hong Kong for Christmas that year so we didn’t have to stay home and feel sorry for ourselves). It’s a special time to be together, and I’m grateful now for every opportunity we get.


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