A Surprise Christmas Gift

IMG_2504Brett and my Christmas gift to each other was delivered yesterday morning: A new Samsung HE washing machine! The matching gas dryer was special ordered and will arrive in another four to six weeks.

But, wait . . . didn’t we already have a washer and dryer?

Yes, when we moved in here we bought the set that the previous tenant was selling. It seemed like a good deal at the time. We tested both appliances thoroughly before buying, and they appeared to work fine, but it’s been downhill (very steeply) with both ever since. It had become rather obvious lately that we’d bought a couple of real lemons, and that neither appliance was long for this world. Thankfully we didn’t pay a whole lot for them, but it was still money down the drain.

In the less than two months we’ve had them the dryer now only operates on one setting, the super-hot one. The start button no longer works – the knob has to be turned to the one setting with the door open and then the door shut to turn it on. And, it will not shut itself off either, and will run indefinitely until you open the door and then manually turn the timer to the off position. The machine washed clothes OK, but whether the spin cycle would work or not became the great unknown. When it took eight tries (and lots of wasted energy) the other day to get the spin cycle engaged, that was the last straw. We thought about getting them repaired, but they were both (supposedly) already-refurbished machines and that obviously had not worked out well. We also looked into doing the repairs ourself as Brett is a handy guy, but parts for the brand (Admiral) aren’t on the island and would have had to be special ordered. We still would have needed a technician to come and tell us exactly what was wrong and which parts to get because we could find next to no repair information online. A repair technician’s visit here starts at $120.

Plus, those appliances use/used a lot of energy, and energy here is not cheap. The dryer especially is a major energy hog. We line dry most of our clothes these days, but still use the dryer for towels or on rainy days. The house was thankfully set up to accept a gas dryer, which will be a huge energy saver once it replaces the current electric one.

So, after discussion and number-crunching we did some research and then headed down to Home Depot. They had the washer that we wanted in stock, and it turned out to be an in-store special with a price lower than the online sale price (same for the gas dryer, although it was not in stock)! With our military discount the price dropped even lower, and we’re going to receive an additional rebate from our local utility company for buying energy-efficient appliances. There should also be quite a nice drop in future electric bills.

I’m completely thrilled with our “gift.” The new machine is top- versus front-loading (it seems many HE machines are moving in that direction these days) so no rubber door gaskets to keep clean or watch for mildew. It runs quietly too, and the clothes are spun practically dry, which will shorten drying times both inside and out. It even plays a song when the load is finished!

Merry Christmas to us! Definitely not what we had planned, but we’re both happy with how things turned out.

4 thoughts on “A Surprise Christmas Gift

    1. This was definitely unexpected! We are otherwise not exchanging gifts this year. I honestly couldn’t come up with a single thing I wanted or needed; same for Brett. I’m pretty sure the kids will have gifts for us, but nothing big, thank goodness. Anyway, the new washing machine is very nice – I’m happy!


  1. That seems like a nice gift, unless you were hoping for something else! I had my first washer and dryer set for 18 years! We bought an HE washer and low energy dryer 2 years ago and I’ve been very happy with them.
    My husband and I are not exchanging gifts this year. We’re saving our money for our trip to the Big Island in July! 🙂


    1. I’m very happy with the new washer. We had a HE machine at our previous house and I loved it.

      Brett and I are not exchanging gifts either. We put our “allowance” toward next year’s Mystery Vacation. Neither of us wants or needs anything – we beyond thrilled that our whole family will be together. That’s more special to us than anything!


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