Feel Good Friday

Colorado CollegeJust three things this Friday:

  1. Our whole family sat down together for dinner last night. It was beyond wonderful.
  2. We put $12.91 into the change/$1 bill jar.
  3. WenYu was accepted at Colorado College with a full scholarship!

Noho’ana hau’ole – life is good!

11 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday

  1. Congratulations to your daughter. In today’s world, that is quite an accomplishment to get a full scholarship. We were lucky when my daughter finished her 2 years at community college, she got a regents scholarship to uc Santa Cruz. I was so proud of her.


  2. How AWESOME!!

    Enjoy being enveloped in the bosom of your family – precious time.

    Best wishes for a very Merry Christmas.


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