Fitting In a Vegan Diet

What's for dinner: sweet potato burritos
What’s for dinner on Friday: sweet potato burritos

Meal planning has become a bit more challenging this month since I’m not eating any meat, eggs or dairy.

Our family usually eats vegetarian meals twice a week or so, and we all like tofu and such, but we also like meat. When I came up with my plan I promised Brett and the girls that even though I would be eating vegan for the month they wouldn’t have to go without foods and dishes they liked, even ones that contained meat.

So far it’s been working out OK and planning hasn’t been too difficult. Some of the vegetarian dishes we love are already or nearly vegan, but for most meals I have to use a vegan substitute, leave something out or off of my serving, or just go ahead and fix myself something completely different from what I’m cooking for the rest of the family.

Here’s the menu plan I’ve created for the coming week:

  • Monday: Thai-style pork stew with jasmine rice, cucumber salad. I’m going to have vegan peanut-sesame noodles instead of the stew. There’ll be lots of leftovers but the girls will have it for lunch later this week.
  • Tuesday: Spaghetti with greens; garlic toast. This dish is already vegan except for Parmesan cheese, which I can skip. I’ll make the garlic toast with olive oil instead of butter.
  • Wednesday: Grilled Italian sausages, butternut squash risotto and roasted zucchini. None of this is vegan except for the zucchini, but I bought some vegan Italian sausages and will have one of those with the zucchini along with some leftover spaghetti from Tuesday night.
  • Thursday: Grilled hot dogs, potato salad and raw vegetable tray. The potato salad will be made with vegan mayonnaise so I can eat that, but I’m not sure yet about what to have instead of a hot dog. I bought some meatless ‘meatballs’ that are very tasty – I might have some of those in a bun.
  • Friday: Sweet potato burritos, Mexican rice and salad. The burritos are vegetarian but include grated cheese which I can leave off of mine. Otherwise it’s all good.
  • Saturday: Breakfast for dinner: eggs, sausage, toast and fruit. I’ll have fruit and probably a toasted English muffin with cashew butter and jam.
  • Sunday: Killer Noodle Salad. I’ll have my salad ‘straight’ but will add shrimp for the rest of the family.

So far I honestly have not missed meat, eggs or dairy, and have been very happy and satisfied with eating vegan. But, the end of the month is another three weeks away, and things could change by then. I’m keeping an open mind.

4 thoughts on “Fitting In a Vegan Diet

  1. I have often thought about doing a vegan month, but haven’t committed! We eat vegetarian at home, and have a lot of vegan meals. I don’t check ingredient labels for dairy. I have milk in coffee and cereal, some cheese, and yogurt daily. Not sure if I could commit to replacing them all with soy or another substitute! But I really should try it for a month. I wish you well!


    1. I bought vanilla soy milk to drink this month and I love it! It’s been delicious on cereal in the morning. I don’t think I’ll be going back to regular milk. I haven’t tried soy yogurt yet, and no non-dairy cheeses for me, thank you – I’d rather go without. I’m kind of surprised that I haven’t missed anything so far – all my meals have been very satisfying.


  2. I would be able to give up meat long before I would give up cheese! Cheese would be a killer for me – we eat it as flavoring in many dishes. Good luck! Sounds like you have a plan sorted out.


    1. I love cheese. Real cheese, that is. So, no fakes for me. It’s easier just to go without. Cheese might be one of those things I add back in next month though, at least in moderation. But, so far, after just ten days, I am feeling very good, better than I have in a long time. I don’t feel deprived or that I’m missing out in the least.


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