Feel Good Friday

My morning view from the exercise bike

It’s been a busy, but very, very nice week here at Casa Aloha. Other than a rainy day on Wednesday, the weather has been positively glorious. It’s almost hard to believe it’s still January.

There’s lots to feel good about this Friday, too:

  • I finally got my hair cut! I cannot tell you how great it feels to be rid of the “old lady pouf” (which is what happens to my hair when it gets too long).
  • Brett and I went to the beach twice this week. Both days were gorgeous, and the water warm. I am no longer the color of a blanc mange.
  • Both times at the beach we were treated to some spectacular views of humpback whales swimming by. Last Sunday we saw three whales breach; yesterday we saw one – it completely cleared the water (one did on Sunday as well)! Beautiful creatures . . .
  • I rode my exercise bicycle twice a day for 15 minutes every day, another 46+ miles and 1900+ calories burned again this week.
  • Still rocking’ the vegan eating. Did you know that Costco’s apple strudel is vegan?
  • No problems with my teeth and the dentist said my gums are in perfect shape (I was having a couple of issues six months ago).
  • Our new gas dryer was delivered – two weeks early!
  • We put $9.02 in the change/$1 bill jar.
  • The family has done a masterful job of eating leftovers and the fridge is almost cleaned out. For some reason we ended up with more leftovers than usual this week, but the girls took some for their lunches or ate them for breakfast, and Brett and I kept at them as well.

How was your week? What good things happened for you?