This Week’s Menu Plan


Kalua pork plate lunch with mac salad and “two scoops.”

Our small garage freezer is in dire need of a defrost, so meals this week (last week too) have been planned around using up what we have, and clearing out enough that what’s left in the freezer can fit into the one in the house during the defrost and re-chill. I have frankly been surprised by how much we have on hand. This week would typically include our monthly “big shop” at Costco, but we’re postponing it by at least another week because we frankly don’t need anything; what we have can easily get us through another week, maybe two.

This is also Week Four of my January vegan experiment, and it’s gone so well that I will be continuing it into February. I feel fantastic, and have not missed anything or craved meat, eggs or dairy. I think I may have lost some weight too – my clothes are feeling looser these days and I just don’t feel so “big.” I know the daily exercise on the bike is helping with that, but I am eating less these days while enjoying it more. We’ll see how this goes though after another month.

Even though I had hoped to avoid making changes, last week’s menu plan ended up getting rearranged. I discovered a steak at the bottom of the freezer, picked up from the discounted meat section who knows how long ago, and as I also had some flat-leaf parsley to use up I made grilled steak pizzaiola for Brett and the girls on Thursday. I had a bowl of vegetable soup that I made to use up odds and ends of things from the fridge. That menu change bumped the yakisoba to Saturday, and we decided to push our sushi dinner to this week and have grilled hot dogs last night.

Here’s this week’s plan:

  • Monday: Mabo dofu with steamed rice and cucumber salad. I’ll have sesame-peanut noodles as the mabo dofu contains ground pork.
  • Tuesday: Plate lunch for dinner: slow cooker kalua pork, steamed rice, macaroni salad and leftover cucumber salad. The macaroni salad will be made with vegan mayonnaise, so I’ll just be skipping the kalua pork.
  • Wednesday: Panzanella (bread salad) with beans & feta cheese. The salad is completely vegan other than the cheese, but YaYu doesn’t care for feta so I’ll serve our portions and add the cheese for Brett’s and WenYu’s servings.
  • Thursday: Sushi (inari, kappamaki and nigiri). I’ll substitute hiyayakko (chilled tofu) for the nigiri sushi. 
  • Friday: The girls have their last spaghetti dinner of the year, so leftovers tonight for Brett and I.
  • Saturday: Breakfast for dinner: Scrambled eggs, sausage, roasted sweet potatoes and fresh fruit. I bought some vegan sausage so will only have to skip the eggs.
  • Sunday: Spaghetti & meatballs, garlic bread, green beans. The girls will make the meatballs (they want to try Anne Burrell’s recipe for Excellent Meatballs but without veal), and I’ll get to have those very tasty vegan “meatballs” again – yum!

Fingers crossed for no changes this week!

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