Feel Good Friday

The little black container on the right comes from Japan, and holds a mosquito coil while it burns.

Did all of this past week go perfectly? No way. But, looking back and reflecting on all the good things that happened, even if they weren’t very big or important, I can no longer remember the things that didn’t go right or as hoped. It was a very good week!

  • I got both my mammogram and annual blood draw done. To say I procrastinate about these things would be an understatement, so I’m happy they’ve been completed.
  • Brett and I bought two beautiful plants for our lanai at the farmers’ market, from one of our favorite vendors. The cost for both of them was less than one would have been at a nursery or Home Depot.
  • I’ve been able to stick to the menu plan I made without making changes. All leftovers have been eaten too.
  • I’ve done two 15-minute rides on the exercise bike every day, and vegan eating continues to be enjoyable.
  • We put $13.62 into the change/$1 bill jar this week.
  • We earned 200 more frequent flyer miles from Hawaiian Airlines through Foodland grocery store (200 miles earned for every $250 spent).
  • Only WenYu will swim in tomorrow’s final meet for the county, in the women’s 100m freestyle. YaYu said her prayers were answered when she was told she would not be swimming.
  • Brett got both our taxes and the girls’ FAFSAs done. We will be getting a tiny refund on our federal return this year, and owe nothing to Hawai’i (and no refund either because we have nothing withheld).
  • After being informed that the two nightgowns I ordered (on sale, from Garnet Hill) would take two to three weeks to arrive in Hawai’i, they arrived the next day, just two days after I placed the order. Amazing!

How has your week been? Hopefully many good things happened for you, both big and small!


2 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday

  1. I got a new car! I’ve had my old car for 11 years. I loved my old car but am excited about the new era that this car represents.
    I was able to sell my old car for a really good price.
    Taking tours of day cares. I’m pregnant with my first child and this is something I’ve dreaded doing. I’ve been surprised how much I like some of the places.

    I really love reflecting on the good things that happen. It makes the bad seem more distant.


  2. Congratulations!! How excited you must be about your upcoming new arrival (even if you do have to check out day care facilities). Many, many good wishes heading your way!

    And additional congratulations on your new car. Lots of good things going on for you right now!


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