This Week’s Menu Plan


California Roll Salad: I add carrots to mine as well, and top with shredded nori (seaweed).

Last week’s plan almost went as planned. Everything was fixed and eaten on its assigned day . . . until we got to Saturday. There ended up being no way to eat the big salad we took for the after-meet potluck (no one brought plates and cutlery), so we brought it home. But, I am nothing if not flexible, so I hardboiled some eggs, and grabbed a few things out of the fridge and whipped up some deluxe chef’s salads for Brett’s and the girls’ dinner. The dinner that was planned, “breakfast for dinner,” was moved to Sunday morning’s family breakfast instead.

Breakfasts and lunches around here are typically pretty simple though, and it’s been easy this past month for me to find vegan alternatives that are satisfying and tasty. Brett fixes breakfast every morning for the girls, and packs their lunches (jobs I happily passed on to him when he retired). The girls get things like egg & cheese sandwiches on an English muffin, quesadillas, sausage & hash browns, strudel or other pastries, and sometimes leftovers for breakfast as well. They often also take leftovers for their lunches, but Brett usually makes them sandwiches a couple of times each week, or fixes them something like macaroni & cheese, or chili & rice. He has oatmeal for his own breakfast almost every morning, and I switch between cereal – my current favorite is Kashi’s Sweet Potato Sunshine flakes – with soy milk and fruit, or toast with peanut butter and some kind of fruit (usually papaya). Lunches for us are typically leftovers or made up of things that need to get used up. I eat nuts, dates, fresh fruit, and popcorn for snacks; Brett likes nuts, chips, and any baked goods that are around. I make myself a green tea mug cake or some chia seed pudding a couple of times a week, or will have a cup of soy hot chocolate or a whole wheat fig bar if I’m craving something sweet. We have a glass of wine or a cocktail only on Friday and Saturday evenings, saving both money and calories (I gain weight quickly if I have a drink every evening).

This week’s menu will get more out of the freezer. One more week and we should hopefully be able to defrost it:

  • Monday: Chili pork burritos, Mexican rice, and salad. I’ll have a bean and rice burrito with salsa.
  • Tuesday: California roll salad. Vegan mayonnaise in the dressing, and I’ll have fried tofu in mine instead of the surimi (artificial crab).
  • Wednesday: Pepperoni pizza. I’m having vegan chili over rice, and we’ll all have fresh fruit to go with our meal.
  • Thursday: Mabo nasu with rice. Mabo nasu has eggplant instead of tofu, but still contains ground pork, so I’ll have sesame-peanut noodles again (which I ♥♥♥) and probably cucumbers.
  • Friday: Vietnamese-style salad rolls. No more spaghetti dinners, but WenYu and YaYu are having friends over for dinner and a sleepover to celebrate both their birthdays, and they requested salad rolls. I’ll have fried tofu in mine, but the girls, their friends and Brett can choose chicken, shrimp or char siu pork to go along with the vegetables and noodles that get rolled inside the rice wrappers.
  • Saturday: Who knows? The girls will be at another friend’s party this evening, so just Brett and I will be home for dinner. I have no idea what we’ll have, but most likely leftovers of some kind.
  • Sunday: Spaghetti Bolognese, garlic bread and salad. I’m going to use a meat substitute for the ground meat in the sauce. I’ve done it before, no one can tell the difference and that way we can all eat the same thing!

Again, fingers crossed that we can get through this week with either no or minimal changes!

6 thoughts on “This Week’s Menu Plan

  1. Your menu looks great! We cook fewer meals, and have less of a rotation than you do. Chalk that up to picky eaters & a lazy chef. 😉

    We also have two nights this week where there will only be one adult (I have dinner, M is meeting a friend), so I try & use those night to wrap up whatever is left in the fridge.


    1. I am extremely grateful that there really are no picky eaters here. It’s made my cooking life much, much easier.

      I’m actually kind of worried about how it’s going to go when it’s just Brett and I. I don’t know how to cook smaller portions (yet) but I know neither of us wants to be eating leftovers for days. Hopefully with it just being the three of us here for a couple of years, after WenYu leaves for college, I can focus on learning to cook “smaller.”


    1. I have purposely not stepped on a scale, partially because I want to focus more on feeling good rather than losing weight, but also because I’m frightened by what I would find out if I did weigh myself. I got weighed at the doctor’s office the other day, but didn’t look and asked them not to tell me!

      All that being said, I do feel “lighter” than I did at the beginning of January, and my clothes do feel (very) slightly looser.


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