Feel Good Friday

Having a good time with Mary, photographer extraordinaire
Good times with my favorite Kaua’i photographer . . .

It’s been a GREAT week! Brett and I are getting ready to head out in a few minutes to have breakfast with friends Denise and Jim (who we met through the blog!), and then go on a hike with them along the coast. We’re so excited to be able to get together with them again!

On Tuesday we learned that WenYu was chosen to be her school’s recipient of a prestigious annual scholarship awarded by a private foundation in Hawai’i. Every year this foundation awards one graduating senior from each high school in Hawai’i, both public and private, a $1000 scholarship. WenYu had filled out the application, but as there were other applicants she didn’t think she stood much of a chance so was quite surprised when she received the news that she had been selected. She will now move on to the next round, where from all winners, 10 will receive an additional $2000, one will receive an additional $4000, and two will receive an additional $9000. She does not expect to go further, but being selected as one of this year’s scholarship recipients is a great honor. Brett and I are so proud of her that we could just about burst!

Here are a few other good things that happened this week:

  • I spent a lovely afternoon yesterday having coffee and talking photography, travel and family with good friend Mary Bartnikowski, who did our family’s photos this past Christmas. Her photography is amazing.
  • We’ve been enjoying fresh guavas from our tree in the back yard. Their aroma makes the whole house smell wonderful.
  • Both my mammogram and cholesterol review were good – yeah!
  • I had another week where I didn’t miss a day of riding the exercise bicycle. It’s been tougher with the resistance tightened, but I’m keeping up with it (and sticking with this really is a big deal for me).
  • Other than our weekly trip to the farmers’ market and reimbursing Denise and Jim for the Trader Joe’s supplies they brought for us, it’s been a no-spend week, the calm before the upcoming spending storm.
  • We put $10.25 in the change/$1 bill jar (we got a lot of $1 bills back at the farmers’ market).
  • Can I just say how much I love my new washer and dryer?
  • I now have over 34,000 followers on my Pinterest page!

How has your week been? What good things happened for you?


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    1. We are so darn proud of this girl!! The scholarship will not affect her aid at any of the colleges, and will cover her book/supply expenses for a year.


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