Sunday Afternoon 2/7/2016


I had planned to post a selfie today that I took when Denise and Jim were over at our house on Friday, after we’d had breakfast and taken our hike, but I was staring into the sun when I took the picture so I was halfway smiling and halfway grimacing, and ended up looking like I was going to bite someone’s head off (and was excited about it). I scared myself with that picture! So, instead I’m posting a picture of some of the guavas coming from our tree. They make the whole house smell amazing.

We figured on Friday that we’d be lucky to see any whales on our walk, but there turned out to be a steady stream of them for the whole half hour or so we were out at the Pineapple Dump. It looked to be lots of mom and baby whales, because we’d see a large spout going off and then a small one right next to it. There were lots of flippers and tails coming out of the water, and one breach by a smaller whale. There were also three turtles swimming right up next to the pier, and they were fun to watch at well. All we needed was to spot a monk seal and we would have hit the Trifecta!

WenYu and YaYu have thankfully gotten a chance to relax a bit this weekend. They have been overloaded by work and sports recently, but had their own sleepover on Friday night, spent Saturday with their friends, and then went to another party last night. They will hopefully be feeling recharged and ready to get on with things tomorrow morning.

This afternoon I am:

  • Reading: I’m not about three-quarters through The Given Day, and am getting excited about the denouement. There is one particularly loathsome character and I’m wondering how (or if) he is going to meet his end or get his comeuppance!
  • Listening to: Another nice quiet morning here in our neighborhood, although I can hear the breeze blowing through the trees outside and birds singing. Brett and the girls are all reading so it’s quiet inside, and for the time being no one is mowing or making any other noise!
  • Watching: We’ll be in our positions tonight for another episode of Downton Abbey (are there really only four more left?). Mercy Street just hasn’t grabbed me yet, so don’t know if I’ll watch it or not. This past week Brett and I did something totally different and watched a whole season of The Great British Bake-Off . . . and loved every minute of it. We watched Love Is Strange last night while the girls were at their party – it was a very sweet movie. We have absolutely no idea of what we want to start watching next.
  • Cooking/baking: No baking today, but later this afternoon I’m making up a big pot of Bolognese sauce to go over spaghetti for tonight’s dinner. I’m using a ground beef substitute so I can have some with the family. The sauce recipe makes enough for two meals, so a container of it will go into the freezer for later.
  • Happy I accomplished this past week: I don’t think I accomplished much of anything special, just the usual stuff. I did get in two 15-minute rides every day on the exercise bike – I think I have turned this into a habit! The freezer is very nearly emptied; we should be able to defrost it at the end of this week, or next weekend at the latest.
  • Looking forward to next week:  We’re giving the girls “Year of the Monkey” gift cards from Starbucks for their Chinese New Year hongbao (lucky red envelopes) tomorrow. Breakfast will be dumplings (traditional New Year’s food), and I’m making a Chinese-y dish for dinner. We’re also planning to get together with friends Denise and Jim one more time before they leave mid-week (and hopefully I can get a better picture of us!)
  • Grateful for: I’m feeling very thankful right now for the rain we got yesterday, and the cool breezes that have followed. We have had a very dry winter here, thanks to El Niño, but yesterday afternoon a good long rain arrived and washed away all the dust that’s been accumulating. This morning the green of the trees just popped against the blue sky.
  • Bonus question: Who are you cheering for in the Super Bowl? I don’t watch the Super Bowl. I think I know which teams are playing (Broncos vs. Panthers), but that’s it. I do like to watch the ads afterwards on YouTube.

How is your Sunday afternoon going? Are you watching the Super Bowl today? What’s coming up this next week that you’re looking forward to?

9 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon 2/7/2016

  1. “And I was excited about it” ba ha ha!!! I was standing next to you, I would have been your first bite! We’ll take a delightful picture on Tuesday 😂😂😂


  2. As we seem to watch similar shows might I suggest you take a look at River on Netflix. We binge watched the entire 6 episodes yesterday and loved it.


    1. We watched River week before last and LOVED it too! It was excellent. Can’t wait for the next season. We are giving Starz a trial on Amazon – more shows available. But, tonight’s for Downton Abbey and then we’ll figure out something else.


  3. Highly recommend “Meet the Patels” on Netflix. I love movies that give a good cultural insight.
    Busy week here. More freezer meals for my daughter’s family, watching the boys for my daughter’s OB appointment, and (the best part) our local co op opens for a weekend. SO exciting. Looking forward to my Spice House order as well. I am addicted to their amazing spices!
    Wish I could go walking and watch the whales.
    Happy Sunday!


    1. I’ve heard of Meet the Patels so am glad for the recommendation. We also enjoy shows with cultural insights.

      I’ve heard of Spice House, but we’re big Penzey’s supporters here. I will check out Spice house though – thanks.


  4. I’ve never seen a guava before (or if I have, I didn’t know what it was) I love that they grow in your yard! What a wonderful treat!


    1. They’re not my favorite fruit to eat fresh – too many seeds in the center. But, I love things made from guava, like juice or jam. I’d never seen one either until we moved here. They smell absolutely wonderful when they are ripe, so a whole bowl of them filled the house with a beautiful aroma.


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