Feel Good Friday


Happy birthday to WenYu! I almost can’t believe that the beautiful little girl I held for the first time nearly 17 years ago is grown up and almost ready to leave the nest. Where did the time go, and how did it go so fast?

It’s been a quiet but otherwise good week in spite of receiving not entirely unexpected news about my mom’s health. She is hanging in there, but changes are coming.


And, we had a terrific dinner and visit with Denise and Jim on Tuesday evening. I already can’t wait for their visit next year!

Other good things happening this week:

  • I did two 15-minute bike rides every day.
  • The girls’ school announced they will pay $10 of each AP exam, which will save us $50. Also, the swim banquet has been cancelled, saving us another $80.
  • We put $12.60 into the change/$1 bill jar.
  • The weather has been fantastic all week.

How was your week? What good things happened for you?


2 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday

  1. Happy, happy birthday to WenYu! That picture is so adorable ❤ And ours is much nicer without you looking like you want to gobble someone up! We sure miss you!!


    1. They had just handed WenYu over to me when that picture was taken, and she was more interested in the camera and photographer than her new mom!

      We’re already counting the days until next year. Do you think you’ll stay at the same place or ???

      Have a GREAT trip to Fiji!!


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