Sunday Afternoon 2/14/2016

beach in hanalei with lei

Hau’ole la aloha! Happy Valentine’s Day!

I had a special treat planned for Brett and the girls today, but when I went to pick it up yesterday the store was closed! Sigh. They understood and said they are willing to wait for their surprise, so I will get back to the store sometime later this week. In the meantime we plan to relax and enjoy the three-day weekend.

Brett told me yesterday that I am to give up all thoughts of ever planning another Mystery Vacation™ – the suspense of this one has gotten to him, and he is tired of waiting to find out where we’re going (although I have my suspicions that he might have figured out our destination). The girls like it that it’s still a mystery. I have a great idea for another Mystery Vacation™ in late 2017, but we shall see if I will be allowed to do it again.

Otherwise, today I am:

  • Reading: I finished The Given Day on Thursday, and have started the second book in the series, Live By Night. Lehane continues with some of the same characters, and starts the book with one of them on his way to being murdered gangland style, so I’m looking forward to seeing where this book goes, especially since the third book in the series has been rated so highly (i.e. one of the best books of 2015).
  • Listening to: We’re all knocking around right now pulling things together so we can head to the beach. Otherwise it’s been a very quiet morning around here.
  • Watching: There will be more Downton Abbey tonight of course, but Brett and I have been watching Happy Valley this week, another British crime series on Netflix. The acting is very solid, and the storyline is gripping. I read there is another season; I already can’t wait until that’s available. This past week we also watched Meet the Patels and totally enjoyed it. Our favorite line was when the parents, who have been married for 35 years, both said that their spouse still keeps trying to change them after all this time. We could identify with that!
  • Cooking/baking: The girls will be fixing cheeseburger pie for dinner tonight. I will have a few of the french fries they’re also fixing, but I’m going to have a bowl of lentil soup instead of some pie. I baked brownies the other day for WenYu’s birthday and there are still plenty left, so no baking going on today.
  • Happy I accomplished this week: I had nothing on my agenda this week other than picking up the Valentine’s Day surprise and that didn’t happen. We also didn’t get the freezer defrosted – there are just a few too many things left that we can’t fit into the freezer in the house. So I really didn’t accomplish anything special this past week. We didn’t even make it to the beach (we’re going today though), although the weather was fantastic, but the days we had the car we were busy with errands, and the other days the girls had the car and we were stuck at home.
  • Looking forward to next week: Besides getting everyone’s belated Valentine’s Day treat, does going to Costco count? We are really running low on things due to preparing for the Great Freezer Defrost, so I’m sort of looking forward to restocking stuff. I’m also dreaming of another day at the beach, but it’s supposed to rain all week :-(.
  • Grateful for: I am so thankful I decided to go ahead and buy my son the Star Wars Death Star waffle maker for Christmas. I worried that it was too silly a gift as well as too much of a splurge, but he and our grandson have made Death Star waffles together every weekend since they returned to Japan and their conversations (as reported on Facebook) are so funny, and warm my heart. The waffle maker was the perfect gift, and money well spent.
  • Bonus Question: Do you have a special skill that most people never get to see? I thought of this question when I kept dropping things in the kitchen the other day. I can honestly make a mess out of anything. I’m the person that drops the greasy spoon on the floor, or has the toast land jam side down, or spills marinara sauce on the clean white shirt I just put on less than 30 minutes earlier  – if there’s a mess to be made, I’m going to make it, especially if I just finished cleaning things up. On the other hand, I don’t lose socks in the washer, and never did. But, that’s more a superpower than a special skill.

I hope you are all enjoying a lovely and relaxing Sunday afternoon. What are you doing for Valentine’s Day? How was your week?