This Week’s Menu

All this goodness will be rolled into tortillas for our Cuban-style burritos.
All this goodness will be rolled into tortillas for our Cuban-style burritos.

Last week’s menu went according to plan, and the two new vegan recipes I made, crispy orange ginger tofu with broccoli and drunken noodles, were both hits and will appear on the menu again some time in the not too distant future.

In spite of all my efforts though our freezer did not get emptied enough to defrost it, so this week’s menu plan incorporates as much as possible of what is left so that we can go ahead with the Great Defrost later this week. Three out of seven days are full vegan meals, with other days easy to adapt or make substitutions. The garlic tofu with rice is this week’s new recipe.

I’ve also been enjoying chia puddings made with either soy or almond milk the last couple of weeks. I’ve made vanilla, matcha (green tea) and chocolate puddings, and all are delicious as well as a great way to add protein and fiber to my diet. I usually serve a small bowl of the pudding with a swirl of agave syrup and add some fresh fruit on top. WenYu loves to eat it too, so it doesn’t last long!

Here’s this week’s plan:

  • Monday: Slow cooker chicken pho. I cut the spices in half when I make this (otherwise it’s almost like Christmas potpourri) and cook the noodles outside of the slow cooker because we’ve found they fall apart otherwise. I’ll have sesame-peanut noodles (yum!).
  • Tuesday: Spanakopita, hummus, pita bread, dilled cucumber salad. I’ll have everything but the spanakopita, which contains feta cheese. I’ll probably add some sprouts and make my hummus, pita and cucumbers into a tasty sandwich.
  • Wednesday: Grilled steak, french fries, steamed green beans. I’ll figure something out for me, probably some kind of soup.
  • Thursday: Cuban burritos, salad. The burritos are filled with yellow rice, cuban-style black beans, roasted sweet potatoes and fried bananas, and topped with pico de gallo style salsa.
  • Friday: Breakfast for dinner (scrambled eggs, sausage, toast and fruit). I will be skipping the eggs and having vegan sausages.
  • Saturday: Garlic tofu with rice, grilled bok choy. This recipe has been calling me for a long time, even before I started eating vegan.
  • Sunday: Sloppy joes, refrigerator cucumber pickles, corn chips. The sloppy joes will be made with a vegan ground met substitute, so I’m good to go with this meal.

We’ll see how it goes – we hope to be defrosting that freezer no later than Thursday!

6 thoughts on “This Week’s Menu

  1. Wow, nice menu for a Clean Out week. I am trying to work on cleaning out the pantry items (why did I buy oysters/Chia seeds/black rice/quinoa?) this week so you have inspired me to come up with some interesting menus.


    1. Besides what we’ve found in the freezer, our panty is also stuffed to the gills. We have limited space, so I really would like to get a lot of this stuff used up!!


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