Getting Ready to Go: Travel Day Snacks & Meals


We have less than ten days to go until we leave on the Mystery Vacation™, and we’re all growing more and more excited the closer we get to the date. I’ve started pulling things together for the trip, including confirming our hotel and rental car reservations and our flights. I’m also starting to round up some of the items we’ll need and/or want to take along with us.

When we did our last food shopping, snack items for the trip were added to the shopping list. Other than for an emergency, I absolutely refuse to buy anything other than water at an airport because of the ridiculously high prices (a bottle of water from the airport is also over the top cost-wise, but the TSA has us over a barrel on that). After numerous trips and long flights over the years, we have a fairly consistent list of snacks we take along with us. This time around I also had to come up with a couple of vegan items so I could also have something to eat.

In my opinion, travel snacks must meet three criteria: They must be (somewhat) inexpensive, they must be convenient, and they must be easy to keep tidy on an airplane (or in a car). So, even though Pringles or beef jerky are not things I would normally buy, they meet all three marks. I found the Kind breakfast bars on sale, and they look tasty and are vegan. We recently discovered Biscoff cookies (also vegan) at Costco and since they are as addictive as crack they made the cut as well. The cashews are for me to snack on instead of Pringles (which I don’t particularly like). Finally, I always take along Chimes ginger candy these days. Not only does it taste delicious, but ginger calms the stomach as well so is nice to have along on a long flight.

As for our meals on travel day, we’ll take along deli sandwiches made the evening before we depart at our local Foodland grocery store (as well as a vegan sandwich for me from the local natural food store). The sandwiches are big and satisfying enough to get us through both lunch and dinner, and will cost far less than anything we could find in the Honolulu airport or buy on board our flight.

Snacks, sandwiches and water for a day’s travel to our destination will total less than $65 for the four of us. We’ll stop at a market the night before we depart for home and repeat the process as needed (all except for the beef jerky – we got a twin pack at Costco so won’t need to buy that again).

We are almost set to go!

10 thoughts on “Getting Ready to Go: Travel Day Snacks & Meals

  1. Trip Snacks are THE BEST. I am looking forward to hearing about the big Mystery Trip. It has been a long time we have been waiting!!:)


    1. Isn’t there some rule about calories not counting when you’re up in the air?

      All will be revealed next week . . . !


  2. FINALLY! The suspense over the Mystery trip has been KILLING ME! Totally agree with you on trip snacks and not being willing to pay exorbitant airport prices. However, I’m not willing to buy water either, both for frugal and environmental reasons. Our solution to this has been the Camelbak “Groove” bottles, which have an integrated filter (the filter is also replaceable). We dump any water that was IN the bottle prior to going through security, then refill it AFTER security from the water fountain. Many airports also now have specific water bottle filling stations that are better-suited to the purpose. We use these bottles A LOT, not just on airplane trips – it’s nice to be able to fill up your own bottle from pretty much any source and know that the water will taste decent. Also, no disposable water bottle litter or expense.This might be a good solution for your family as well. I got ours from Amazon (link to item:, but they are available at many retailers, including big boxes (like Target) and outdoors stores – there may be a local outdoors or surfing shop on the island that has them.

    Also… I meant to comment on your post about deciding to continue with blogging. I have been a regular reader for YEARS, from way back in the beginning of the “Losing-it” days. I have enjoyed every incarnation of your blog and following along on your varied journeys. I am SO GLAD that you are continuing, as I would miss your thoughts and descriptions and updates on your family were you to decide to stop. I should be a better/more regular commenter, as I know how essential feedback and validation are to the writing process, and i apologize. Just know that you have MANy faithful readers who would miss you and your blog, and are grateful that you’re planning to carry on!


    1. I am going to have to look around this time and see what the water fountain situation is at our airport and at Honolulu, at least. That’s a good idea though, to bring your own. Here in Hawaii everything gets recycled, so we always just bring our airport bottles home with us and turn them in.

      I hope no one is let down when our destination is revealed 😦


  3. Hmmmmm . . . you can’t take beef jerky internationally, so maybe I’ve narrowed it down just a bit?! 😉

    I cannot WAIT to see where you’re all off to! And I agree with the reader above, I’d sure miss your blog. I always smile when I see it in my Inbox! And soon, I’ll have my own up and running!


    1. You’re right about the beef jerky and international flights, but . . . if you finish it all before you arrive then all is OK!

      Cannot. Wait. to read your blog when you get it up. I’m anxious to follow your journey here!


  4. I’m with Mamie and have been carrying a bottle for water for years. I often half fill it before I leave and then drink it in line (hydration is important for jet lag- IMHO). I just dump the contents when I get to the trash can just before “the search”.
    Very excited to hear where you are off to!


  5. My hubby and I just got back from Kona and I travel with mine all the time. Go to Walmart and buy a water bottle Brita (there are new ones that have a charcoal filter, the old ones had a white filter and the charcoal filters don’t fit in them). They’re only around $10 and last a long time. Same as above, we empty them And then refill even in a regular fountain. Saves a ton of money, I use mine at home all the time too. Looking forward to your destination reveal!!!!


    1. I am going to look for those Brita bottles . . . when we get back. They sound like a great idea and good way to save even more. But, I am not buying another thing before we go!


  6. We travel with our own water bottles as well. We have the insulated ones for taking to hot climates and have found that if you fill the, with as much ice as possible in the morning, and then add liquid, you will have cool drinks all day. Important for those of us who aren’t used to hot weather!
    Chimes and Kind bars are always in our airport snacks. Also a good bar of dark chocolate and trail mix we make ourselves so we can customize it.


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