The Grandest Canyon

The Grand Canyon certainly lives up to its hype. It is the grandest canyon. Ever. However, the WiFi connection has been less than sporadic since we arrived, and I can’t get pictures to load. Oh well, I’ll treat you to a slide show when I get back home!

We’ve all been having a very good time for the most part, and the weather has been superb. However, we were not well-prepared for the effects of both elevation and dehydration, but I think we have finally gotten that under control. We had a very sick girl last night, but with rest and enough water WenYu is feeling like her old self again. I’ve been a little light-headed at times even though I’ve been drinking water like mad, but Brett and YaYu seem to have not suffered at all.

We took our mule ride trip today and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, especially the incredible views of the canyon along the rim. I did not have my camera with me, however. My rechargeable battery started dying yesterday and of course it turned out that the one thing I forgot to pack is the docking station for recharging (I know right where it’s sitting at home too). Phones were not allowed on the mule ride – they tend to bounce out of pockets – so I’ll just have to wait and steal some pictures from the girls after we get home.

The El Tovar has been wonderful, and everything we hoped it would be. We were given a lovely, spacious, comfortable room with partial canyon views so it’s been a great place to rest, recharge and sleep. The food at every restaurant has been fabulous as well, although portion sizes are huge (for us, anyway). We’ve been having to split full meals or order off the appetizer menus so we don’t waste any food!

We’ve got one more day at the Canyon tomorrow – we’re thinking of driving out to the Watchtower at Desert View – and then it’s on to Sedona! I’ll try to check in again when we’re there.

8 thoughts on “The Grandest Canyon

    • Laura says:

      I will post a bunch once we get home – the Internet has been inconsistent here, and doesn’t always want to stay connected long enough to load photos.


    • Laura says:

      Brett got up on our last morning and said the sunrise was glorious. The girls and I slept in – the beds at the El Tovar were just too comfortable!


    • Laura says:

      We’ve really had a great time; the girls told me yesterday evening that they have really enjoyed everything we’ve done and were glad I chose for us to come to the Grand Canyon and Sedona.


    • Laura says:

      We would have visited Hoover Dam if we had flown in (or out of) Las Vegas instead of Phoenix. We are all in love with Sedona – such a gorgeous place. We all wish we could stay a bit longer.


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