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These tacos are actually from Bonefish Grill, but look very similar to the ones we make.
These tacos are actually from Bonefish Grill, but look very similar to the ones we make.

We are currently in our “Week of Ham” – I bought a medium-sized spiral-sliced ham for Easter, and now it needs to get eaten! Ham will be appearing at breakfast, lunch and dinner all week. Since I’m not eating meat, the girls and Brett are going to have to step up and take on my usual portion as well, but no one is complaining. They all LOVE ham!

There seems to be a lot of meat on the menu this week and only one vegetarian dinner. I really wasn’t feeling very inspired to come up with more than one vegan dishes for some reason.

Tonight’s dinner, Pasta with Ham, Spinach & Peppers is super easy to prepare, and one of the girls’ and Brett’s most favorite dishes, ever. In a large strainer place one bag of baby spinach, and 2 red bell peppers that have been cored and cut into thin strips. Cook 12 oz. of farfalle (bow tie) pasta until al dente in a large pan of water. When the pasta is done, pour it and the hot water over the spinach and peppers – the heat from the water and pasta will “cook” the vegetables. Place all back into the pasta pot, including 1-2 cups diced ham, and then toss with Alouette sun-dried tomato and basil cheese spread (or something similar). Add salt and pepper to taste . . . and that’s it! I usually serve it with garlic bread and artichokes, if I can get them.

Here’s what we’re eating this week:

  • Tuesday: Pasta with Ham, Spinach and Peppers; garlic bread. I am going to have some pasta with marinara sauce.
  • Wednesday: Anniversary night, so leftovers for the girls while Brett and I go to Merriman’s in Poipu.
  • Thursday: Ham & cheese panini; (vegan) potato salad. I’m going to make myself a vegetable panini of some kind.
  • Friday: Fish tacos; Mexican rice. We picked up a lovely piece of locally caught ono at Costco, and will grill it and shred for the tacos, then top with shredded cabbage and mango salsa.
  • Saturday: Fried rice with ham. The ham will be added after I take my serving.
  • Sunday: Grilled chicken drumsticks; (vegan) stuffing; the vegetable will depend on what we find at the farmers’ market.
  • Monday: Drunken noodles with tofu. This recipe was a big hit the last time I made it.

Here’s hoping it all goes according to plan!

4 thoughts on “This Week’s Menu

  1. Love the pasta where you cook the spinach and pepper with the boil water and add Alouette. I am going to try that one for sure. My kids and husband already ate all of the ham leftovers!


    1. I don’t know why you couldn’t use chicken for this, or maybe even shrimp. Hmmmm – I’m going to have to try them one of these days. WenYu and YaYu both said tonight that this was one of their all-time favorite things that I make, but we only have it when we have ham, which is rare.


  2. Happy Anniversary! My anniversary is on April 2 🙂 My husband and I are celebrating 5 years together. After just having a baby, we are looking forward to having a babysitter for the day and getting to spend some quality time together.

    I’ve never had ono but I do love fish tacos! I wish I had better access to fresh seafood. Its hard to find inexpensive, fresh seafood in landlocked KY. I love traveling to the beach for many reasons but getting seafood is always something I look forward too!


    1. Believe it or not, fresh fish is not all that inexpensive here, which is the main reason we don’t eat more of it. But, it is FRESH, so we do buy it, although not as frequently as I would like. We really need to hook up with a local who enjoys fishing (neither Brett nor I do), but who can’t eat all he/she catches.

      I love most seafood too, except for salmon. Just have never liked that fish, which was strange as we lived in the NW for so long. I don’t like the taste of fresh-water fish either. But ono, mani, ahi and others . . . look out!


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