Sunday Afternoon 4/3/2016

And it’s April already! And another year seemingly flying by.


Brett and I had a lovely anniversary celebration last Wednesday upstairs at Merriman’s (upstairs is restaurant, downstairs is burgers and pizza). We ended up eating at the bar because as kamaaina we received a 25% discount on our entire meal, including drinks (they also comped us two glasses of champagne!). We shared some ono (wahoo) ceviche, lobster & crab cakes, and some wok-grilled ahi – all were beyond delicious. Plus, we sat next to a very cute young couple who were visiting Kaua’i and enjoyed chatting with them. The wife will be appearing on Wheel of Fortune on May 12! She went to the audition as a joke and ended up getting picked, but could not reveal to us whether or what she won (we kind of think she won something big though). After dinner we walked over to Lappert’s for ice cream (sorbet for me) and coffee before heading for home.

I’m not making any new changes this month to my “One Month At a Time” plan, and will stick with occasionally enjoying an egg, and occasionally enjoying some fish. Otherwise, it’s still no meat and no dairy, and mainly sticking to a vegan diet. I really do feel better since I changed what and how I eat at the beginning of the year as well as adding more exercise. There hasn’t been any real change in my weight though.

One more brag moment: WenYu was named one of ten class valedictorians (GPA 4.0 or above)! We’re intensely proud of her, but she has worked very, very hard for the honor. From her perspective, she’s just extremely grateful that someone else was chosen to speak at the graduation ceremony. I almost can’t believe she’ll be finished with high school in less than two months.

This afternoon I am:

  • Reading: I am still working my way through Over the Edge, and while all of the stories are sad, my goodness – something like 98% of them were entirely preventable. That’s what sadder than anything. Currently I’m reading about deaths on the Colorado River. I used to think a rafting trip through the Grand Canyon would be fun, but these days not so much.
  • Listening to: It’s quiet here right now, but it’s a lovely day and there have been lawnmowers and weed trimmers in operation all over the neighborhood this morning. In a very short while the house will be filled with the sound of teenage girls as YaYu’s history study group gathers here for their weekly session.
  • Watching: Brett and I finished up the second season of Happy Valley on Nexflix last night. It’s an intense show (to put it mildly) but so good and so well done. If you haven’t seen it I can’t recommend it enough, both seasons. The show includes a couple of actors from Downton Abbey in some very different roles! We’re going to start watching the new season of Death In Paradise that’s also just become available on Netflix just because we need to watch something less intense.
  • Cooking/baking: I baked the girls a pan of brownies this morning to enjoy while they study. Dinner tonight is fried rice with ham, and I’ve already got the rice cooked and cooling for that. YaYu is our family fried rice wrangler.
  • Happy I accomplished this past week: I’ve managed to get on the exercise bike every day for two rides. Between turning up the resistance and the increased temps this past week, twice a day has been an accomplishment! Brett and I also got a deep clean done around the house – the dust that builds up on this island is unbelievable. Brett’s doctor has determined he has allergies, most likely caused by the dust, but we’re thinking all the chickens that are around might have something to do with it too – Brett’s always been allergic to chicken feathers.
  • Looking forward to next week: WenYu and I leave for Colorado late Wednesday night; we’ll be on the redeye to Seattle, then change there on Thursday morning for our flight to Colorado Springs. WenYu is more and more leaning toward Wellesley, but she very much wants to check out Colorado College before she makes her final decision. It’s going to be a very quick trip – we’ll be back on a plane heading for home on Saturday morning.
  • Thinking of good things that happened: Well, besides celebrating our anniversary, and WenYu’s good news, we put $8.25 into the change/$1 bill jar this week, and took some bundled money to the bank for deposit. We didn’t spend anything this past week other than for produce at the farmers’ market on Wednesday.
  • Grateful for: For a variety of reasons, I’m again feeling very thankful that we are living on this beautiful island. I absolutely love it here, and it gets better every day.
  • Bonus question: If you were given $100 and had to spend it on yourself in three days or lose it, what would you buy? This came up the other day and I had a difficult time answering it. I honestly couldn’t think of anything I want or need right now. But, if I had to spend it on myself, I guess I could probably find some books for my Kindle, and/or I could probably find something I’d like from the J. Jill catalog. I’d want to buy something that would last, which is why I most likely wouldn’t buy myself food or a meal, or something like shampoo or body wash or such (although I absolutely love the locally-made Malie products). What I really wish I could do with the $100 is add it to our travel fund.

That’s it for this Sunday! How did your week go?

6 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon 4/3/2016

  1. I had totally forgotten about “Sunday Afternoon”
    Reading – “The Friends we Keep” by Susan Mallery
    Listening to – The pups are playing tug
    Watching – “Blue Bloods”
    Cooking/baking – Made a ham and breakfast muffins
    Happy I accomplished – the above and slicing and repackaging 8lbs of cheese into cheese sticks and the cats teeth cleaning and my blood work
    Thinking of good things – Hubby has work and the pups are happy
    Grateful for – good medical care for us and the animals
    Bonus – probably new bedding ( I can’t make myself buy it out of the budget but it would be nice) and Kindle books that the library doesn’t carry


    1. What is Blue Bloods all about?

      I too am very grateful for good medical care. And dental insurance.

      I’m right with you on the new bedding. I cannot get over how much linens cost these days, even at Walmart or Costco.


      1. Tom Selleck is a Police Commissioner in NY and it focuses on his family who is also “in the business” . So cop show based in NY


  2. Hope you have a fruitful trip to Colorado and that it helps WenYu with her decision. I’m no expert in college admissions, but from what I see going on in the working world today, it seems to be best to go with a school that has name recognition and Wellesley certainly has that. I’m from the east coast and I’m afraid I’ve never heard of Colorado College. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but I personally think the college that is better known is the way to go. I also applaud you for letting her go to a college so far away. I know so many parents who want their kids to stay within a certain mile radius from home. My oldest nephew is a junior in high school and is just starting the whole process now of looking at colleges and he’s not letting geography determine anything either. He plans to go to the best college that he can get into (and that gives him the best package) regardless of location.


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