Sunday Afternoon 4/10/2016

Two very tired women in front of Bemis Hall at Colorado College - Bemis was my mom's dorm from 1942 - 1945.
Two very tired women in front of Bemis Hall at Colorado College – Bemis was my mom’s dorm from 1942 – 1945.

It is good to be home again! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I actually missed our humidity. Colorado is very, very dry, and I spent almost the entire time I was gone with a parched throat and chapped lips.

WenYu’s and my trip to Colorado was terrific though. The visit to Colorado College served its purpose and helped her make up her mind about which college she will attend in the fall. WenYu had a great time visiting CC, met nice people, and got a good feel for the campus and its environment, both academic and social. Although she liked it and knows Colorado College is a great school, she believes Wellesley will be a better fit for her both academically and financially, and what she wants to accomplish.

Garden of the Gods
Garden of the Gods

Travel-wise, the trip was exhausting but still a lot of fun. We hit the ground running when we arrived in Colorado, on very little sleep, and didn’t stop the entire time we were there. After the college visit was over on Friday we went hiking through the Garden of the Gods, and then were up again early on Saturday morning for the trip home. Our hotel was extremely nice, and the free breakfast they offered was quite a few steps up from what you typically find. The flights going and coming home were long, but all departed and arrived on time without incident, and we received a complimentary upgrade on our rental car in Colorado Springs, from a Corolla to a small SUV. Meals were mostly free at the college, but we did eat out on Friday evening and at the airport in Los Angeles, and still stayed under budget for the trip – we took cash along and both of us came home with money in our wallets!

This afternoon I am:

  • Reading: I’m about half-way through Over the Edge. I unfortunately didn’t get any reading done on the trip because if I wasn’t out doing something with WenYu I was sleeping, and I can’t read on planes or in the terminals.
  • Listening to: It’s fairly quiet here right now, although the washer and dryer are going. I’ve had the house to myself so far today because Brett and the girls went to help out with clean-up at the annual Kiwanis/Key Club breakfast this morning and haven’t gotten back yet. It’s lovely to hear the birds singing here (vs. background noise from the freeway or jet engines).
  • Watching: Brett and I are going to get back to watching Death in Paradise this evening. We haven’t decided what will follow when we’ve finished all the available episodes.
  • Cooking/baking: No baking today. I’m making hiyashi chuka for dinner tonight, a Japanese cold noodle salad that will use up the last of the ham (no ham for me though).
  • Happy I accomplished this past week: I’m happy this trip is done and that it was a success. It was difficult to pull off because of the schedule, the long flights, all the activities, etc. I was also nervous about driving around and finding my way in Colorado Springs, but I did fine. I did a LOT of walking on the trip, and was able to stick with my eating plan most of the time (there were a few surprises though).
  • Looking forward to next week: There isn’t much on our calendar this week. Brett and I will go to the farmers’ market on Wednesday, and hopefully be able to get to the beach one day, but otherwise I’m looking forward to getting my equilibrium and energy back. I’m feeling very tired right now.
  • Thinking about the good things that happened: I think at the top of my list is that WenYu has made her decision on where she wants to go to college – she was truly undecided before the Colorado College visit. As for other good things, there was a Trader Joe’s near our hotel in Colorado Springs and we were able to get a few things to bring home (boy, do I miss that store). We also put $26.09 in the change/$1 bill jar! Hiking through the Garden of the Gods was glorious, and getting to see the Rocky Mountains and Pike’s Peak every day we were in Colorado was an absolute treat.

    Pike's Peak and the Rockies dominate the view in Colorado Springs.
    Pike’s Peak dominates the skyline view in Colorado Springs.
  • Grateful for: Brett did a whole-house clean while I was away – what a guy! I am also feeling very thankful right now for our dental insurance because I had a tooth crack and break off right before WenYu and I left. It’s not going to be a cheap fix, but won’t be quite as financially painful because of the insurance (the broken tooth doesn’t hurt at all).

And that’s a wrap for this Sunday! How was your week?


6 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon 4/10/2016

    1. They both really are great schools, and I’m so glad she got the opportunity to visit one of them to help her make up her mind. She would have otherwise always been wondering if she made the right choice. Exciting times ahead for all of us!!


  1. How exciting to have the college decision sorted out! Both schools are fantastic, and it’s great to feel “settled”, on next steps.

    I’m still recovering from some serious jet lag – I was in Seoul & Tokyo last week. Let’s hope I’m recovered by tomorrow or so! I hate having zero energy.


    1. Heading east when you return home is the pits when it comes to jet lag. We felt it in Colorado, just four hours ahead of us here in Hawai’i, but when you add in the lack of sleep on the flight and the altitude there we felt tired all the time. Wellesley is six hours ahead, which is going to be an adjustment as well.

      WenYu is very excited, and feeling good now that she’s made her decision. I’ve got loads of travel planning to do though, and we need to seriously start getting her ready to go. We bought luggage for her last week, but there are loads of other things she’s going to need to take with her as well that we can get started on now.


  2. Reading – “Home on Ladybug Farm” and “Finding Out: A Novel” (1 library and 1 kindle)
    Listening to – A lovely rainy evening (you are correct it is VERY dry here in CO so the rain is wonderful)
    Watching – Nothing right now..its quiet
    Cooking – Salmon and asparagus for dinner
    Happy I accomplished – Chris finally allowed himself to buy a new motorcycle helmet (he has talked about it for 8 years)
    Looking forward to – getting home for a 2 day bus trip on Thursday
    Thinking about good things – Finally having some discretionary income to be able to make larger purchases (that helmet was 900.00)
    Grateful for – Our crazy pups that snuggle together on one bed and make me smile


    1. Your reply made me smile! I so get what you mean about finally having discretionary income. We didn’t for much of our life before, but now are able to put money away for travel and other things we want.

      I miss our pups snuggling together.


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