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Martha Stewart's one-pot pasta
Martha Stewart’s one-pot pasta

We actually did pretty well following last week’s menu, which was a bit of a surprise considering how crazy the week was with WenYu and my trip to Colorado Springs, and YaYu having another big track meet.

Brett took YaYu out to dinner on Friday evening for saimin at Hamura’s in Lihue. YaYu is a bit of a noodle snob, and she apparently inhaled her whole big bowl in less than five minutes because it was so good! And, due to WenYu’s and my evening arrival on Saturday, we went out to dinner at Verde in Kapaa, for some Mexican food done Hawaiian style. Those two trips have taken care of our eating out budget for a while though, at least until the end of next month, when WenYu graduates. We asked her where she wants to go to celebrate, and she has chosen Kintaro’s, for Japanese food.

Anyway, here’s what’s coming up on the menu this week. I didn’t plan it this way, but there’s a link for every dish on the menu!

  • Tuesday: Paella with tomatoes; grilled zucchini (all vegan)
  • Wednesday: Snake Alley Noodles; cucumber salad (I’ll have peanut-sesame noodles instead)
  • Thursday: Track meet so another YOYO night.
  • Friday: California-style bibimbap bowls
  • Saturday: Spicy steak pizzaiola; garlic bread; green salad (I have no idea what I’ll have – maybe some soup and bread)
  • Sunday: One-pot pasta; bread; zucchini
  • Monday: Slow-cooker chicken pho (peanut sesame noodles for me again, plus some cucumbers). I cut the spices in half when I make the broth for this soup, and cook the rice noodles separately because otherwise they fall apart. To serve, I put the noodles in a bowl, and then top with the broth, chicken and bok choy.

I forgot to buy saffron when I was at Trader Joe’s in Colorado Springs, so our paella will be a little less flavorful than usual this time. I’m also keeping my fingers crossed that we can find fresh basil at the farmers’ market this week for the one pot pasta. If we do find it, Sunday’s one-pot spaghetti will get moved to Wednesday because the basil doesn’t keep for long. I really need to grow my own out on the lanai . . . .

2 thoughts on “This Week’s Menu

  1. Last week, I made the slow cooker chicken adobo with bok choy. I can’t believe how easy it is to make! I’m excited to say that I bought bok choy for the first time. I really liked it. I’ll definitely make this recipe again! Thanks for sharing!


    1. We just had it night before last! The family loves it . . . . This time I placed a small block of tofu on top of the bok choy at the end, and it captured all the flavors without any of the meat. Delicious!


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