Postcards From: South Rim of the Grand Canyon & Sedona

Nearly 30 years ago, I first saw the Grand Canyon from 37,000 feet, but could not see what all the fuss was about. What I saw then was a fat caterpillar with a little hint of silver shimmering along its spine, like a mercury thermometer. Seeing it for the first time this Spring, with feet firmly planted on Earth, I am ashamed of my former assessment. From the rim it’s more beautiful than any butterfly!

Looking to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, just before sunset the day of our arrival. Notice the tunnel worn through the limestone outcrop on the South Rim.

Limestone in upper Grand Canyon with water worn tunnel through it.


Here’s a dandy little scenic locator donated to the park in 1922. Too bad the telescope that obviously came with it did not survive the near century since.

Brass Monument, notched for locating scenic vistas.

Scenic Locator

A canyon so immense that we rarely glimpsed the Colorado River. Here is what the trail looks like from the rim, about 4,000 feet above it.

First Nation Garden

Indian Garden – halfway to the river – from Kolb Studio

Our hotel viewed from the Bright Angel Trailhead. Kachina Lodge and Thunderbird Lodge are situated between the El Tovar and Bright Angel Lodge.

Historic El Tovar Hotel and Kachina Lodge

Historic El Tovar Hotel and Kachina Lodge

This tunnel is just about two-tenths of a mile down the Bright Angel Trail. Note the smaller through hole to the right of the tunnel on the trail.

Tunnel at Bright Angel Trailhead

Tunnel at Bright Angel Trailhead

Heading for Hermit’s Rest

Powell Point

Mojave Point


First glimpse of the Colorado


You can actually hear the rapids from here

























Morning walk views:

Painter's Dream

Painter’s Dream

Spires and Scree

Spires and Scree

Whose house was this: bear, cougar, human beings?

Whose house was this: bear, cougar, human beings?

Afternoon trip to Desert View Watchtower:

Watchtower Wall

Watchtower Wall

Vishnu Temple

Vishnu Temple

Colorado River from Navajo Point

Looking back toward Watchtower and Colorado River from Navajo Point

Capturing sunrise (06:34 hours) from the Rim Trail:







Maricopa Point at sunrise:


Like Eldorado, that shining city of gold

On to Sedona…


The Coffe Pot or Thunderbird, depending on your point of reference


Slide Rock State Park


Looking Homeward

14 thoughts on “Postcards From: South Rim of the Grand Canyon & Sedona

    • Brett says:

      You’re welcome. My personal favorite was Maricopa Point at sunrise (a decent land swindler could make a handsome profit, selling a gold nugget that large).

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  1. jenny lovett says:

    the photos are amazing, we are hoping to do a trip to Canada and America within the next couple of years.
    Have you been to Europe? after looking at these photos I am sure you would love to drive through the Pyrenees (sorry have only just found your blog so not been through all the posts yet)


    • Brett says:

      Yes, I have been to Europe, but only around the Mediterranean, at an age where I was more interested in food and drink than on taking photographs. Although I’ve kept treasured images of Istanbul, Heraklion and Knosos, Athens, Palma, Barcelona, and Tunis in my mind all these years, I long to see inland areas that lack deep natural harbors.

      Please do blog your trip to Canada and other parts of America.


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