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Shrimp pad thai
Shrimp pad thai

I almost can’t believe that only one day on last week’s menu ended up getting skipped (besides the ones we already knew about). It was a crazy week of errands and meetings, but I ended up having to push the spaghetti with marinara and meatballs into this week when WenYu had to attend an all-day service project in Hanapepe on Saturday, and Brett accompanied her for the day (YaYu and I ate leftovers).

This coming week thankfully appears to be bit more calm. Thanks to last week’s big Costco shop, the pantry, freezer and refrigerator are well-stocked. We also found a nice piece of London broil in the marked-down section at Safeway, enough for two meals, so will be using some in a stir-fry, and some in Spicy Steak Pizzaiola next week.

Must-buys at the farmers’ market this week will be salad greens, fresh mung bean sprouts, cucumbers, and more broccoli (if we can find it).

Appearing on this week’s menu:

  • Tuesday (today): Classic marinara with meatballs; bread, salad (meatless meatballs for me)
  • Wednesday: Shrimp pad thai
  • Thursday: Grilled hot dogs; macaroni salad; traditional cole slaw (vegan hot dog for me)
  • Friday: Vegetable spring rolls; chicken potstickers; steamed rice
  • Saturday: Grilled teriyaki chicken; zaru soba; cucumber salad (chilled tofu for me)
  • Sunday: Turkey divan casserole (not sure yet what I’ll have, but probably soup)
  • Monday: Beef & broccoli stir fry; steamed rice (tofu & broccoli stir fry for me)

Fingers crossed that this week goes easier than last week!

4 thoughts on “This Week’s Menu

  1. I am now craving a grilled hot dog. Every once in a while, I love a hot dog. I hated hot dogs as a kid … but now like them as an adult. I always thought that was supposed to go the other way?

    Anyway, I missed your big vacation reveal. I would have NEVER guessed the Grand Canyon, but it looks like you had an awesome trip! I was thinking more big city for some reason. I also read “Over the Edge” … I found it at a used book store last summer and was SO excited.

    Congrats on your daughter’s Wellesley decision … sounds very exciting!


    1. I’m like you – didn’t particularly care for hot dogs when I was young, but now like one every once in a while. I love them grilled and with “the works” on them: mustard, ketchup, relish and chopped onions. Yum!

      Over the Edge has been a very interesting read, both scholarly and sensational, so to speak. I’m glad I bought it.


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