You Lose Some, You Win Some, v.2


Life is pretty calm around here for the most part, with days flowing in and out of each other without a whole lot of turmoil and/or surprise.

This week is already begging to be different, with both good and bad news showing up.

Bad news out of the way first:

I don’t know what’s going on with my computer. It’s doing the whole overheating and battery draining again but it’s been inconsistent. I’ll have a bad day where I wonder if it will make it through the day and then the next day everything is perfectly normal (like yesterday). On Sunday afternoon it got so bad that I decided I’d better order a new laptop, and of course right after I did the overheating stopped and the battery began operating normally. Then, Monday morning the overheating and battery issues returned with a vengeance and hung around all day, but yesterday it was back to operating normally. This morning it’s fine again . . . so far. The new laptop arrives today but I don’t know whether to keep it or return it. I’m afraid if I don’t keep it this one will soon up and die, but if I do keep it this one will continue to run fine. Arrrrgh! I’m more than a bit upset about (possibly) having to buy a new laptop after only two years, especially after paying several hundred dollars to have this one repaired just six months ago for the same issues. I’ve been using a Mac for over 24 years now, and have never had a problem until I got this one.

I spoke with my phone service provider on Sunday morning about not being able to call or text with the new phone I had just received last week, and that tech support had determined the phone was defective. The rep I talked with was wonderful, and agreed to replace the phone without hesitation. However, I first had to pay for Phone #2, so that’s two phones out of our account right now (along with a new laptop). However, when Phone #1 is returned I will be credited back the full amount (free shipping for return is provided). Then, I got a notice on Monday afternoon that my new phone would arrive . . . in two weeks. What? Two weeks with no phone? But, late yesterday I received another email that the phone had shipped (!!!) and should be here tomorrow!

Staying on the winning side of things, I found both a great price and great schedule for WenYu’s and my flight back to Boston this summer. There were a few flights with cheaper prices (although not by much) but they either had l-o-n-g layovers or not enough layover (like only 35 minutes between flights, not enough time to even move the luggage from one plane to another, let alone passengers). Each of the less expensive flights also had a redeye segment, and after last month’s trip to Colorado neither WenYu nor I was eager to repeat that experience – we were both zombies when we arrived. The new flight schedule gives us a full 13-hour overnight layover, enough time to get a good night’s sleep and breakfast in a nearby hotel before returning to the airport in the morning and heading on to Boston, and with our luggage still checked through. I also got a terrific price on a nonstop flight between Boston and Denver – less than $200! – as well as for my flight from Denver back home – $328 – which includes a nonstop flight between Seattle and Lihue (we paid $378 per ticket just for the Seattle-Lihue non-stop, which was a bargain, when we moved in 2014). I also was able to reserve a room in the same B&B YaYu and I stayed at in Colorado when we visited in 2012 – it was the most reasonable place to stay in the area, is an easy commute to my mom’s residence, and the breakfasts are to die for. All that’s remaining to arrange now is ground transportation and hotel in Massachusetts, and I’m closing in on that.

And, saving the best for the last, WenYu was notified on Monday that she had been selected as one of ten statewide finalists and will be receiving a $3,000 scholarship!! One student from each high school in the state was chosen to receive a $1000 scholarship, then ten were chosen from among those students for the top finalist awards. This means that all of her costs this year at Wellesley will be met through scholarships and grants, that she will not need any federal financial aid to cover expenses. Brett and I are so proud of this girl we could just about burst!

You lose some, but you win some too! I’m still wondering though what the rest of the week will bring . . . .

5 thoughts on “You Lose Some, You Win Some, v.2

  1. The thirteen hour layover seems pretty awesome to me! That’s the way I would do it too. I have a friend in New Zealand who would come up to massachusetts and that flight seemed like all sorts of levels of torture. I’ve never commented before but I thoroughly enjoy your blog. Your daughters have really done well. Wellesley is not cheap so that is great to hear. I have lived in New England my entire life and love it. I hope WenYu gets a chance to explore in her time here in our “area”.
    Spending time on the Cape, traveling up into Canada, zipping down to NYC all relatively easy and fun.
    Also Wellesley is pretty darn fabulous so there is of course that! I live nearby Smith Colllege and Mt. Holyoke……she will have a great time.


    1. At first I skipped over the flight when I saw “13 hour layover” but then when I saw the hours I realized it was perfect. We arrive in the evening in time to have dinner, and the flight in the morning leaves at a decent hour as well. We’ll have to be up early, but not zero dark thirty early. And, the two sections of the flight are non-stops, and we can (hopefully) upgrade to the premium economy seats.


    1. A girl from the girls’ high school won the same $3K award last year, so we had convinced ourselves the award would not go again to someone from their school. One more scholarship is still out there, but we won’t know until next month.

      You’ll be flying west this time, so the jet lag won’t be so bad when you get home. I imagine it’s been killer though in London.


  2. More kudos to WenYu for creating such wonderful opportunities for her future! It’s good to see that the travel planning is working out so well for you. Although we won’t get an exact day and time until June, it seems as though orientation and move-in dates at Columbia are in in the same time frame as the dates for Wellesley. Still, feel free to email me to let me know when you might be open for a get-together while you are in MA. If I’m home (and not involved in packing frenzy – our son tends to procrastinate on these things) I’d love to meet you!


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